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Raytheon 2FA

As cyber threats against the Aerospace and Defense industry continue to intensify in frequency and sophistication, Raytheon is focused on increased protection of our infrastructure. To address security concerns head-on, Raytheon is partnering with Exostar to implement a 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) login  process for all Raytheon Supplier Portal users.

Cybersecurity risks are a constant threat to Raytheon, our customers, and our supplier partners.

2-Factor Authentication mitigates the risk of cyber-attacks by validating the identities of Supplier Portal users. The 2FA registration process will be fully electronic. Users will be asked to undergo identity vetting, and will then receive a secure 'One-Time Password (OTP)' on a registered cell phone.  (Exostar users who have already purchased equivalent security credentials may not need to complete the phone-based OTP process.) Please review this website for detailed information and step-by-step registration instructions.

Mission success in this ever-evolving threat environment means making heightened security a permanent part of our culture. Raytheon greatly appreciates the cooperation of our valued supplier partners in making security a priority. 

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Raytheon 2FA FAQs

Get Started - Phone OTP 

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