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RSCP Stocking Units

Suppliers can also create multiple Stocking Units at one time by manually uploading them through the RSCP.  Stocking Unit data needs to be entered into an Excel file, using a standardized template to organize the data contents. Please use the RSCP Stocking Unit Upload Template.

Create Stocking Unit

Step 1.  Go to the Navigation Menu and click Order Management.

Step 2.  On the expanded menu, find the Stocking Units section and click Create Stocking Unit.

Step 3.  The system displays the Search Purchase Orders page. Enter the Order Number or other data associated with the stocking unit you want to create.

Step 4.  Click Search.

Step 5.  The system displays your search results. Scroll to the right to view detailed information for each PO line.

NOTE: If you cannot locate the PO lines/schedules you want to include in the Stocking Unit, go back to the original PO and confirm the Shipment Allowed flag is set to Yes.

Step 6.  Select the lines to include in the Stocking Unit and click Next.

Step 7.  The system displays the Create Stocking Unit form.

  • The form’s header and line sections prepopulate with data from the PO.

  • The Stocking Unit Number (Header section) is system-generated.

  • Click the Ship to Address icon to see the address details.

  • Enter your own Supplier Ref Number, for future reference and searching (optional).

Step 8.  For each Line Item, scroll to the right and enter a Packed Qty. This is a required field.

Step 9.  Once the data is filled in, click the Save Stocking Unit button.

Locate and Publish Drafts

Step 1.  From the Navigation Menu, click Order Management.

Step 2.  Click Draft Search under Stocking Unit on the expanded menu.

Step 3.  Enter search criteria to locate the draft, then click Search.

Step 4.  Select the checkbox for the draft you would like to submit.

Step 5.  Click the Send Shipment Button.

NOTE: The same logic applies to draft Stocking Units. Click Create Stocking Unit instead of Send Shipment for Stocking Units.

Print Labels for One Stocking Unit Record

Step 1.  Go to the Navigation Menu and click Order Management. 

Step 2.  On the expanded menu,  click Search under the Stocking Units section.

Step 3.  Enter search criteria and click Search.

Step 4.  Open the Stocking Unit Details page.

Step 5.  Click the Print icon in the top right corner of the page.

Step 6.  The system generates a PDF Stocking Unit Label.

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