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Purchase and Renewals FAQs

How to Purchase and Cost

How much does an OTP credential cost, and where can I purchase it?

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If you want to learn about Exostar OTP products and pricing, browse the Exostar's Webstore, or click the links below to navigate directly to the subscription options for your OTP product of choice:

If you already have a MAG account, you can access this information directly from your MAG account by clicking Billing and Support in the upper right corner of your MAG account.

Why do I need to pay a fee for my OTP credential every year?

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Our OTP credentials are sold as subscriptions. It is an annual subscription fee.

Steps after Purchase

I purchased my OTP, and have a purchase confirmation email. What happens next?

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You receive an email with the license key for your newly purchased OTP, but it happens only after your payment is processed. Use the License Key to register your OTP product in MAG. Please note if you purchased a Hardware Token, it can take up to five days for the token to be delivered. Do not start the registration process until you receive the token.

How do I get a license key to register my OTP credential?

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The license key is generated once you complete a purchase, and payment is received by Exostar. The license key is sent in an email directly to the purchaser. If somebody else purchased a credential on your behalf, contact this individual to obtain your license key.


How can I purchase a renewal for my OTP credential?

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Follow the steps below to renew your OTP credential:

Step 1.  Log into MAG via

Step 2.  Go to the My Account tab.

Step 3.  Select Manage OTP.

Step 4.  Scroll down, and click the Renew button. The Renew button will be visible only if you are within the eligibility period for renewing your OTP credential.

Step 5.  Select the appropriate subscription.

Step 6.  Click Add to Cart, and complete the checkout process.

I purchased a renewal for my OTP, but it still shows as expired, and I am unable to login. Why?

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Please make sure you purchased the renewal, and not a brand-new OTP credential. If you purchased the renewal, please note there is a delay in activation if you paid using the invoice option. The payment must go through before your credential is renewed. If your situation does not fit the above scenarios, please contact Exostar Customer Support.

I am an administrator for my company. How can I purchase an OTP renewal for other users?

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Follow the steps below to renew the OTP subscription for other users:

Step 1.  Log into your Exostar account via

Step 2.  Select Billing and Support at the bottom of your MAG Dashboard.

Step 3.  You will be redirected to another page, select Subscription Renewals. 

Step 4.  Next choose the appropriate OTP type from the drop-down options, then select the appropriate subscription. Please note that you can renew subscriptions for yourself, for other users and yourself, or for other users only.

Step 5.  Click Add to Cart at the bottom of the screen, and complete the checkout process.

If you pay via credit card, the Renewal Date in MAG for the selected subscriptions will be updated within 24 hours. If you choose to be invoiced, your payment must be received and processed by Exostar before the subscription renewal will be processed. Please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support if you need additional assistance.

Proofing Upgrade

How do I purchase the identity proofing upgrade for an existing OTP?

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If you have an existing MAG account with an OTP attached to it, you must initiate the purchase of a proofing upgrade after you log into your MAG account. Follow the steps below to complete your purchase:

Step 1.  Log into your MAG account.

Step 2.  Go to the My Account tab, and click the Manage OTP sub-tab.

Step 3.  Scroll to the Proofing Upgrade, check the box that you understand the requirements, and click Upgrade.

Step 4.  Follow the prompts to complete your purchase. In order to finalize your upgrade, complete the identity proofing process. To learn more, review the information on the Identity Proofing page.

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