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Purchase - Northrop Grumman

Exostar offers two hardware-based digital certificate options: a one year certificate and a three year certificate. The three year option is recommended as it provides the user greater convenience and a better value (see pricing below). The frequency of renewal is dictated by the option you choose.

1 Year3 Year
Initial Issuance (Includes token)$260$365
Replacement Token $120$120

Additional information:

  • Initial Price includes the cost of the token
  • Renewal fee pricing is subject to change
  • Renewal fees do not include the cost of a replacement token, if applicable.
  • Shipping and taxes are not included
  • Choose a Token Password that you will remember.  If you forget this Token Password, you will be required to reinitialize your Token and reapply for certificates, at your expense
  • If re-proofing is required in instances where insufficient documents were supplied, legal name on documentation does not match registered name, or other failure to meet criteria specified by Nations Direct to be the responsibility of the subscriber, a re-proofing fee of $100 will be accessed.
  • If you have questions about the pricing, please contact your buyer.

NOTE: For non-US suppliers, special proofing and shipping fees apply. Surcharges of up to $600 will apply based on your country and location.

Every effort will be made to find a proofer in your location.  If no proofers are identified in your immediate area, alternate proofers may be provided as an option, but could incur additional costs for travel time, transportation, and lodging.

For additional FIS purchase information, go here.

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