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ProviderPass Phone Registration

Registering a phone number to your ProviderPass account is highly recommended in order to access all available self-management functions. If you register a phone number to your account, you can resync, revoke, and add a new Hardware OTP token, as well as, deactivate a lost, stolen, or damaged token. If you do not register a phone number to your account, you can only resync or revoke your token. If you revoke your token, you must re-complete the identity verification process in order to add a new Hardware OTP token to your active subscription.

To register a valid phone number, please follow these steps:

Step 1.  After you complete the proofing process, you are redirected to the Register you phone page. Select the Delivery Method (via voice text or text) by which you wish to receive your verification code.

Step 2.  Enter a valid phone number. When entering in your phone number, you do not need to add dashes. 

Step 3.  Confirm that phone number.  Click the Send Code button.

Step 4.  You screen refreshes and a field to enter the Verification Code displays. Enter in the Verification Code received via voice or text message.

Step 5.  Click Submit.  

Step 6.  Once you successfully register your phone number, you are redirected to a You have successfully registered your phone page. Click Complete.

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