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ProviderPass Identity Proofing

Before you can bind your Hardware OTP token to your account, you must first go through the identity verification proofing process to validate your identity. You have three attempts to successfully complete the identity verification proofing before your license key becomes inactive. Once your license key becomes inactive, you must purchase a new ProviderPass subscription. After two failed Experian proofing attempts, you should switch to the alternative proofing method (webcam proofing).

Experian Proofing

In order to begin the proofing process with Experian, you are asked to provide personal information (address, phone number, date of birth, and the last four digits of your SSN). The information is utilized by Experian to locate you in their database. Your identity is verified using a combination of personal and financial information.  You are prompted to answer questions about yourself, which a credit reporting agency matches to financial information they maintain in their database. Once the initial questions are answered, the full identity verification process may be completed online, or could require the use of a live webcam to complete. 

This information is not stored or shared by Exostar. If Experian is not able to locate you based on a partial SSN, you may then be asked to enter your full, nine-digit SSN. Verification of your identity through Exostar's Partnering credit reporting agency, Experian, may appear on your credit report, but does not affect your credit score.

Preview of Experian proofing:

Step 1.  Complete required fields to verify your identity.

NOTE: If the last four digits of your SSN are not verifiable, you are prompted to enter all nine digits. Your personal information is not stored or saved by Exostar.

Step 2.  Click Next. If agreeing to the identity verification, click Agree.

Step 3.  Answer credit history questions. Click Submit.

NOTE: If incorrect answers are provided, but the credit bureau is able to locate you with your personal information, you will receive an activation code in four business days via postal mail. The activation code is required for you to activate your credential.  If the credit bureau cannot locate you, you are routed to webcam proofing.

Step 4.  If you answer the questions correctly, you are redirected to Register your Hardware One-Time Password Token page.

Partial Experian Proofing

If Experian is positive of your identity, even though you partially failed to answer your personal and financial questions correctly, the Activation Code is mailed to the last postal address found in Experian’s database.

To complete the partial proofing:

Step 1.  If the address displayed is correct, please click Mail Activation Code. If the address displayed is not correct, please skip to step 7. 

Step 2.  A browser based pop-up displays. Click OK

Step 3.  You receive an email informing you an activation code has been sent to your mailing address from Experian. 

Step 4.  Once you receive your activation code, resume the process through your EHR system to access ProviderPass, where you are prompted to enter in the activation code.

Step 5.  Enter in the Activation Code and click Submit. You are redirected to the Register your Hardware Token page.

Step 6.  If you have yet to receive your activation code, please click Return to <EHR>. If you do not receive your activation code within eight to ten days, please return to this screen, and click the Lost Activation Code button.

Step 7.  If the address displayed is not correct, please click This is not my address.

Step 8.  A browser based pop-up displays Click OK.

Step 9.  You are redirected to your EHR system, where you must schedule a live webcam proofing with an Experian proofer.

NOTE: Please contact Experian to update your address or any other disputes at

Webcam Proofing

Webcam proofing should only be used if you fail the Experian proofing or you choose to opt out of the Experian proofing.

To set up webcam proofing, please follow these instructions:

Step 1.  If you failed the Experian proofing, you are redirected by your EHR system to schedule a Live Video Proofing within TimeTrade.

Step 2.  You are redirected by your EHR to the Exostar Live Video Identity Verification appointment scheduling page. Select your appointment language and click Continue.

Step 3.  Click Continue after you carefully read the instructions.

Step 4.  You are redirected to a calendar to schedule your appointment with the Exostar Proofer. Select a date and time for your live proofing session and click Continue.

Step 5.  Enter in your contact information and click Schedule It!.

Step 6.  A confirmation number displays, and an email is sent to the email address you provided. Click Close to return to your EHR.

Webcam Proofing Notes

  • Appointments are only 20 minutes long.  Being a couple of minutes late to your meeting may result in a need to reschedule the appointment.
  • Failure to attend a scheduled proofing session may result in additional charges.
  • During the webcam proofing, you meet with an Exostar proofer to verify your identity by showing an unexpired, government-issued photo identification card (i.e. driver’s license, passport, etc.). Once the Exostar proofer verifies your identity, they will provide you with an activation code.
  • The webcam proofing takes place using the Cisco WebEx application. It is recommended you try to login to the WebEx application fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time to ensure the WebEx opens and the necessary downloads are taken care of.

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