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Phone OTP

Phone Based One-Time Password (Phone OTP) allows you to register your mobile telephone or land line telephone to receive a one-time password credential (numeric code) via text or voice. The Phone Based OTP credential is used in combination with your MAG user ID and password, and is required each time you log into MAG to access applications that require the credential. Using this 2-factor authentication (Phone OTP + username and password) reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your account, and provides added security. Phone OTP is available with our without proofing. The links listed below are in process order.

Please select from the links below to learn more about the Phone OTP process:

Step 1.  Purchase Credential. Learn how to complete a Phone OTP with or without proofing purchase.

Step 2.  Activate License Key. Learn how to activate your license key for non-sponsored and sponsored credentials.

Step 3.  Complete Identity Proofing. Learn how to complete an Experian Instant Proofing, a Live Webcam Proofing, as well as purchase and add a proofing upgrade to an existing credential.

Step 4.  Register Phone. Learn how to register your phone in MAG.

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