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SIRIUS Support Contacts

Principal Investigators can call the Pfizer EDC helpdesk phone number: +1-877-433-2619

This is toll-free number in US and Canada. To dial free of charge outside the US and Canada users should dial the AT&T Direct Access Country Code number, available at and follow instructions.

Example – How to dial free of charge from Italy:

Step 1.  Select the PI country in the Select the country you are dialing from box.

Step 2.  Leave Unites States in the “Select the country you are dialing to” box. Click Submit.

Step 3.  Identify the AT&T Direct access number returned: in order to dial from Italy the PI should dial 800 172 444 . Once prompted from the automatic operator, they should dial 877 – 433-2619 followed by the pound sign (#) to get connected to Support.

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