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PIM Supplier Profile

It is an essential best practice to update your organization's profile regularly, so your Buyers can stay aware of any changes within your company. Buyers constantly assess their Suppliers when doing business, which means other competitors are always present in the market, therefore, keeping your profile up to date and attractive helps your organization stand out from other Suppliers in the market when Buyers are looking for specific capabilities. 

In order to edit your organization's profile, you must have the Application Administrator role in PIM. Any user of your organization subscribed to PIM, can view your organization's profile. 

None of the fields in your profile are required, however, the more completed fields, the higher your completeness score. Your completeness score reflects how much information you provided in your profile. Your Supplier Profile score can make you highly attractive to Buyers of the Exostar community. Buyers may use this profile to assess which suppliers to do business with, or which Supplier to assess further as prospective partners. As a helpful hint, keep your profile as up to date as possible and review it quarterly.

View Supplier Profile

To view your Supplier Profile:

Step 1.  Locate the My Organization widget on the home dashboard. Click your hyperlinked Organization Name.

Step 2.  Click the Organization Profile button to redirect to a read-only view of your organization's profile page.

Step 3.  Use the navigational arrows to move through all Profile pages.

Update Supplier Profile

To update your Supplier Profile:

Step 1.  Navigate to your organization's Supplier Profile page.

Step 2.  Click the Edit button to open the Exostar Supplier Profile Form starting at the Introduction page.

NOTE: Only Application Administrators can see the Edit button.

Step 3.  Click the navigation arrows to move through pages to view and change the desired fields. 


    • Answering questions denoted with a star icon help increase your profile completeness score.  
    • Some attributes in your profile display as read-only. These attributes are sourced from Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG). You must access MAG and follow MAG processes to update these values. 
    • Fields allowing file uploads are limited to a 2MB file size. 

Step 4.  Click the Guidance arrow at any time to expand the Guidance section for additional help. 

Step 5.  Once you complete your updates, you are required to click through to the Form Submission tab. 

Step 6.  You are required to certify to the correctness of the information provided. Once you certify this statement, click the Submit button to submit your profile updates.

DO NOT FORGET TO SUBMIT!  Profile updates cannot be saved for later. You must either submit your updates or cancel your edits. 

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