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PIM Supplier Dashboard

The Home dashboard contains clickable options via the top header menu, as well as widgets in the main area, that enable you to access information or perform functions in the application. Each widget provides an information icon next to the widget name. When clicked, additional information about the purpose of that widget displays.

Top Header Menu

This section provides additional information about each option displayed in the top header menu. Additionally, you can select the Partner Information Manager (PIM) application name to redirect back to this dashboard, regardless of where you are in the solution. You can also select the Exostar logo to open

My Org

This option, located in the top header menu, provides the following options and redirects to those specific tabs on the Organization Profile page:

  • Organization: This tab provides your organization's general overview information.
  • Users: This tab provides a comprehensive list of all users within your organization with PIM access. If you are a Supplier Application Administrator, this tab also provides user management options.
  • Partners: This tab provides a comprehensive list of all connected Partners (Buyers). Select the Partner Name to view additional details. 
  • Forms: This tab provides a comprehensive list of all forms Buyers requested you complete, as well as that form's status. If the form is shared, you can select the form name to redirect to the Form Details page. 


This icon navigates directly to the Reports homepage, listing all reports you have access to. Please see the Reports page for additional information.


This icon opens the PIM Form Resources page, which provides resources per PIM form, including blank forms, completion instructions and resources, as well as scoring information.


This icon provides the following drop down options: PIM Online Help and PIM FAQs. Both open their respective pages, providing additional information on process instructions and frequently asked questions.


This icon represents the number of alerts for your review. Click the icon to display a drop-down of alerts. Select View All to redirect to the Alerts page, containing alerts for the last 30 days, Dismiss All, or Dismiss one alert at a time. There is also a legend explaining the different alert types. To further manage:

Step 1.  Select Settings via the Me drop-down.

Step 2.  Navigate to the Alerts section. Modify the alert selections as desired, by choosing Yes or No.

Step 3.  Click Save Changes.


This drop down menu provides an overview of account options, and is broken up into the following sections:

  • Buyer View or Supplier View: Select to toggle between the Supplier and Buyer views, if you have both business needs. 
  • Account Information: This section provides your organization name and ID, as well as your role. Select My Profile to update your account information.
  • Settings: Select this option to update Date/Time Format, Application View (Supplier or Buyer), as well as Alert and Email settings.
  • Logout: Selecting this logs you out of the PIM Application. 

Forms Requests Widget

This widget displays a list of forms Buyers requested you complete. An Application Administrator can accept or deny the request directly from this widget. Once you either share or decline to share, the form no longer displays in the widget, and instead shows in the Forms Summary widget. To accept or decline a sharing request:

Step 1.  Click the Share or Decline button.

Step 2.  In the Confirm pop-up window, click Accept (if sharing). Click Deny (if declining to share).

Forms Summary Widget

This widget provides a list of accepted form sharing requests, as well as the following:

  • Hyperlinked form name that redirects to the Form Details page
  • Shared status
  • Percentage complete
  • Clickable number of Partners with whom you have shared that particular form 

To further manage the information in the Forms Summary widget:

Step 1.  Select the Assign To icon next to the desired form to manage form assignments.

Step 2.  Select the Edit icon next to the desired form to open the form in edit mode.

Step 3.  Select the Source Org icon to view the form hierarchy in a dialogue box.

Recent Activities Widget

This widget provides a 30-day timeline of all activities with a Buying Partner. Activities include:

  • Status of your organization’s response to an invitation
  • Status of your organization’s response to a questionnaire
  • Status of acceptance or opting out of a questionnaire
  • Indication a form is successfully submitted

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