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PIM Form Renewal FAQ

Why do I need to renew my PIM form?

Your organization’s compliance and self–assessment status can change periodically based on your   organization’s implementations of controls (they may have been improved), and changes in the potential threat or risk to your organization. In order to confirm the information provided is up-to-date and valid, your Buyers require you periodically update and renew your forms in PIM.

This will also help you keep your self–assessment and compliance posture as up–to–date and attractive to your Buyers as possible.

Which users in my organization have permission to renew a form?

All users in your organization, regardless of role, can renew and submit any form as long as they are assigned to the specific form. When your organization is asked to complete a form, all users in your organization are automatically assigned to that form. Please see the Form Assignment page for additional information.

When and how often do PIM forms need to be renewed?

Buyers are able to set the expiration time period for a form as they deem necessary for renewal. You will receive a reminder email to renew your form 30 days prior to the form expiration.

There are no compliance changes to report in my organization’s self–assessment status. What do I need to do to renew my form?

If your organization has no changes to report, the renewal process is very quick and easy. You are still required to resubmit the form as confirmation to your Buyer that you reviewed your responses and the self–assessment responses remain valid. Please see the Form Renewal information for instructions.

How can I make necessary updates to and renew my form?

If you want to make changes to your form as part of the renewal process:

Step 1.  Select the Edit button located next to the desired form in the Forms Summary widget.

NOTE: This takes you directly to the form in edit mode.

Step 2.  Navigate through each form page and make the necessary updates.

Step 3.  When you reach the last form page, click the Submit Response button.

Step 4.  Confirm form submission to redirect back to the Form Details page.

Can I update my form at any other time than a scheduled renewal time?

You are not required to wait for your form to expire to update or renew your responses. PIM forms can be renewed at any time. If you would like to update your PIM form, select the Edit button from the Forms Summary widget, or click to Edit button from the Form Details page at any time, make necessary updates, and submit the response.

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