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PIM Form Renewal

In order to renew a form, the form must be expired, however, as long as you are assigned to the form, you can update the form at any time, post or prior to expiry date. Forms must be renewed on a regular, annual basis. 

To renew your form:

Step 1.  Click  the Edit icon next to the desired form in the Form Summary widget, to redirect to the form in edit-mode.

Step 2.  Click through each section of the form to make necessary changes.

Step 3.  Use the Next arrow buttons to navigate through to the end of the form. You are required to resubmit the form by clicking on the Submit Response button.


    • Your form is not updated or renewed unless you clicked the Submit Response button at the end of the form.
    • If you want to update just one form section, click  the Edit link next to the desired section from the Form Details page. Navigate to the end of the form and click the Submit Response button.
    • Even if changes to the form are not required, you must click on the Submit Response button to send the form to the Buyer and confirm no changes are needed. 

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