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One Time Password (OTP) Overview


Exostar uses the One-Time Password (OTP) technology to ensure that only authorized users have access to applications hosted within Managed Access Gateway (MAG).

After you purchase and set up your Exostar's OTP product, you will start receiving text or voice messages with One Time Passwords to your mobile or landline phone, app, or hardware token. One Time Passwords can be used for a single login only, and they expire within a minute or two. Exostar offers three types of OTP products, which are sold as annual subscriptions:

Click the arrows below to view the OTP workflow and to learn about the benefits of OTP protection.

OTP Workflow

Setting up your OTP credential will take a couple of steps. Click the image below to view the OTP workflow:

To learn more about each step, visit the Get Started - OTP page. 

Benefits of OTP

Stealing a conventional password is not as difficult. Such actions as reusing passwords across multiple sites, downloading software, or clicking a link in a phishing email will put your security at risk. Exostar's OTP products will protects your account even if your regular User ID and Password are hacked as the criminal won't be able to retrieve the OTP PIN from your phone, mobile app, or a hardware token. With Exostar's OTP line of products, you will enjoy the following benefits:   

  • Stronger security (or level of assurance) than the conventional protection provided by permanent User ID and Password;
  • Stronger authentication through a dynamic OTP PIN that is sent to your mobile device, and expires after a single login;
  • Compliance with DFAR 252.204-7008;
  • Reduced risk of unauthorized access to your account.

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