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OTP Hardware Token FAQs

Resync/Unlock Token

What should I do if my token says "locked"? How do I unlock it? 

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Your token might get locked due to repeated login failures. If this happens, follow the steps below to unlock your token:

Step 1.  Go to using Internet Explorer.

Step 2.  Log on to your Exostar MAG account using User ID and Password only.  If prompted for OTP Token code, please click Skip OTP.

Step 3.  Select My Account.

Step 4.  Select Manage OTP.

Step 5.  Click View Details.

Step 6.  Click Resync.

Step 7.  Press the button on the front of the token to generate a digital password.  Enter this number into the One-Time Password One field.  Wait 30 seconds.

Step 8.  Press the button on the token to generate a second digital password.  Enter this number into the One-Time Password Two field.

Step 9.  Click the Resync button.

  • Before performing any of these actions, please ensure your system meets our System Requirements. Our System Requirements can be found here.
  • Please contact Customer Support if you receive an error message and need our assistance.

Token Renewal

How can I renew my OTP Hardware Token?

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Please follow the steps below to renew your OTP Hardware Token:

Step 1.  Log into your MAG account at Log in using your username, password, and OTP code.

Step 2.  From the home page, click the Billing and Support button, located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3.  Select Customer when prompted to select the role.

Step 4.  Click the Subscription Renewals tab at the top of the page.

Step 5.  When prompted to select the product, choose the Hardware OTP Token from the drop-down menu.

Step 6.  The page will display Available Renewals. This list will contain all users whose OTP hardware tokens are up for renewal (along with information about the token and renewal date). Filter the subscriptions to locate a user, or scroll down the list. When you find the correct renewal, click on the renewal to select it. Repeat this step if you need to purchase more than one renewal.

Step 7.  Click Add to Cart at the bottom of the page once you have selected your renewals. Follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

  • Length of Subscription: The OTP Hardware token subscription is valid for one year from the date of purchase (and not from the date of activation). 
  • Token Use: At the time of renewal, only the subscription will renew. Please continue using your existing physical token.
  • Payment: If you pay via credit card, the renewal date in MAG for the selected subscriptions will be updated within 24 hours. If you choose to be invoiced, your payment must be received and processed by Exostar before the subscription renewal will be processed.
  • Suspended Token: After the expiration of the OTP Hardware Token, the token status will change to Suspended. If your token is suspended, you will not be able to log in with your token, but you will be able to renew it for a year after the expiration. If you do not renew your token within this time period, your token will be revoked.
  • Revoked Token: A revoked token cannot be reactivated. If a token is revoked, the user will need to purchase and set up the whole new token. Prior to revocation, Exostar will send emails to the user, reminding the user of the token's revocation date. These emails will be sent thirty, fifteen, and three days prior to the token revocation date.

Will I receive a new OTP Hardware Token when I complete renewal?

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No, a new OTP Hardware Token is not issued. If you need a new token, purchase a new subscription instead of a renewal. 

Token Replacement

I am receiving an OTP Hardware Token replacement. What do I need to do?

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You need to revoke your existing OTP Hardware Token before activating your new token. We recommend you revoke your token 24 hours prior to activating your new token.

Token Revocation

What are the steps for revoking my old token?

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Follow these steps to revoke your old token:

Step 1.  Go to using Internet Explorer.

Step 2.  Log into your account using User ID and Password only. 

Step 3.  Go to the My Account tab.

Step 4.  Click the Manage OTP sub-tab.

Step 5.  Click View Details, and then click Revoke.

Step 6.  You receive a message asking to confirm the revocation: click OK.

Dead Battery

The battery died on my OTP Hardware Token. Can I be issued a new token?

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You need to purchase a new token if the token purchase is outside of the 45 day warranty period. Please note the battery should last for a period of three to five years depending on the number of times you use your token.

Err Message

My OTP Hardware Token displays an Err message, and I am unable to access my application. What should I do?

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If your token shows Err, or the numbers on the screen are ineligible, you need a new token. Please note an OTP Hardware Token is covered under warranty for 45 days from the date of your purchase.

Numbers Do Not Display Correctly

The numbers on my OTP Hardware Token don't display correctly. What should I do?

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You need a new token.  Please review the Warranty FAQs section to verify if your token is under warranty.

Token User Guide

Do you have the OTP Hardware Token User Guide?

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Yes, please reference the guide here. NOTE: For OTP Hardware Token troubleshooting assistance, please reference pages 43-45.

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