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OTP Hardware Token

Process Overview

The OTP Hardware Token generates single-use digital passwords on a physical token. Setting up an OTP Hardware Token will take 5 steps:

Step 1.  Complete the Purchase

Step 2.  Enter the License Key

Step 3.  Complete Identity Proofing

Step 4Activate the Token

Step 5.  Register the Token

Follow the workflow below to purchase and set up your OTP Hardware Token.

STEP 1.  Complete the Purchase

After the purchase, you will receive an email from Exostar with the License Key for your product. It can take up to 24 hours for this email to arrive if you paid by credit card. If you paid by invoice, you must submit payment to Exostar before you receive your License Key. Please check your email filters and spam if you have not received the license key. If you have not received the license key email after 24 hours, please contact Exostar Customer Support.

To purchase an OTP Hardware Token, complete the steps below:

Step 1.  Log into your Exostar MAG account at using Internet Explorer.

Step 2.  Click the My Account tab.

Step 3.  Click the Manage OTP sub-tab.

Step 4.  Click Purchase or Register Credentials.

Step 5.  Select Get/Activate option, and then click Continue.

Step 6.  The pop-up box will display the Webstore. Select one of the following:

    • Purchase OTP Token (1 Year) with Proofing
    • Purchase OTP Token (1 Year) without Proofing

Step 7.  Click the Add to Cart button.

Step 8.  When ready to checkout, click Proceed to Checkout.

Step 9.  Select Payment Method

Step 10.  Verify Shipping and Billing Address.  

Step 11.  If you are using a Purchase Order, please enter PO in PO field. To submit a signed Purchase Order (PO) against an invoice please open a case at

Step 12.  Review the Disclaimer and check the disclaimer box.

Step 13.  Click Submit Order. You will receive a sales order confirmation (e.g. SO-12345).    

STEP 2.  Enter the License Key

Do not complete this step until you receive your Hardware Token in the mail. After receiving the token, locate the email from Exostar with the License Key for your product. Enter the License Key, and proceed with one of these scenarios:

  • If you don't need identity proofing, enter the License Key and proceed directly to activation. 
  • If you need identity proofing, enter the License Key and proceed to selecting your proofing option (Experian or Video Proofing). Make sure that the name in your Exostar account matches your legal name. 

To register your Hardware Token purchase, complete the steps below:

Step 1.  Go to and log into your Exostar MAG account.

Step 2.  Go to the My Account tab and select the Manage OTP sub-tab.

Step 3.  Click the Purchase or Register Credentials link to continue.

Step 4.  Review the Let's Get Credentialed page, and click Continue.

Step 5.  Since you already completed your OTP Hardware purchase, select the I do not need to purchase a credential link.

Step 6.  Enter the License Key you received via email in the field provided. Click Activate.

Step 7.  Confirm your profile and select your Country from the drop down menu. Click Next

Step 8.  Proceed the the Proofing process if you purchased proofing.

MDA Pilot participants, please see the MDA Pilot Registration page for the information regarding your sponsored credential.

STEP 3.  Complete Identity Proofing

After entering the License Key, you will be prompted to select your identity proofing option. Chose one of the below proofing methods:

  • Instant Proofing: If you are located in the United States, you can complete identity proofing instantly by answering Experian credit bureau-based questions. or by scheduling a live video proofing session with an agent.
  • Live Video Proofing: Users located outside of United States must schedule a live proofing session. US-based users may select live video proofing if they are unable to complete the Experian proofing.

Click the button below to learn more about identity proofing: 

STEP 4.  Activate the Token

If you underwent live video proofing, use the activation code that you received from the agent to activate your Hardware Token.

Follow the steps below to activate your Hardware Token:

Step 1.  From your MAG user account, select the My Account tab, then the Manage OTP sub-tab.

Step 2.  Click the Purchase or Register Credential link.

Step 3.  Enter the activation code the Proofing Agent provided at the end of your proofing. Click Continue.

Step 4.  Click Activate to complete the process.


Step 5. Register the Token

If you purchased a Hardware Token, you have the bonus option to also register a phone number with your Hardware Token OTP subscription. With a registered phone number, you will be able to receive OTP codes via Voice or SMS text messages. We highly recommend this option for two reasons:

  1.  If you lose your Hardware Token, you still will be able to use your Phone OTP for authentication while you are awaiting your token replacement. Many applications within MAG accept Phone OTP (unless you are working with Boeing applications, which require a Hardware Token for access).
  2. If you lose a Hardware Token that required identity proofing, you won't need to repeat the identity proofing process if you can authenticate with a Phone OTP.

Complete these steps to register your token:

Step 1.  On the Setup & Activation screen, enter the token serial number located on the back of your OTP Hardware Token into the Token Serial Number field.

Step 2.  Press the button on the front of your token and enter that number into the Token Code 1 field.

Step 3.  Wait 30 seconds and press the button again. Enter this number into the Token Code 2 field.

Step 4.  Click Submit.


 Check out the OTP Hardware Token FAQs page, or download the OTP Hardware Token User Guide

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