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Activate Exostar Single Sign-on Account

Existing Exostar Account?

If you already have an Exostar account, you will receive a subscription email notifying you that you can now access the new application with your existing Exostar credentials. 

If you're having trouble connecting to the Novo Nordisk applications via Exostar, please view the SAM User Guide.  If you are still having issues, please contact us by emailNovo Nordisk Help Desk, by phone: Novo Nordisk Toll Free Numbers, or by chat: Novo Nordisk Chat Support.

New Exostar User

You should have received an invitation email from Exostar.  To activate your account:

Step 1.  Open the Exostar activation email and click the activation link.

NOTE:  It is recommended to use the Edge or Google Chrome browser.

Step 2.  In the dialogue box, click Activate.

Step 3.  Create a password.  Click Next.

Step 4.  Create security questions and answers.  Click Next.

Upon successful account activation, you are taken to the Exostar Home tab.  In the My Applications section, links to your active applications display.  By clicking the link, you are redirected to the selected application.

Lost Activation Email

If you cannot locate the Exostar activation email, please try the following:

Step 1.  Go to

Step 2.  Enter your email address.  Click Next.

Step 3.  On the Account Not Activated screen, click the Resend activation email link.

Update Exostar Email

To update the email address associated with your Exostar account:

Step 1.  Go to


Step 3.  Enter the new email address and click Continue.

Step 4.  Enter the activation code sent via email and click Activate.

Reset Exostar Password

Haven't activated your account?

If you have NOT activated your Exostar account and created a password yet, please follow the instructions about how to activate your account on this page.

If you have already activated your Exostar account and created a password, but forgotten the password:

Step 1.  Go to

Step 2.  Enter your email and click Next.

NOTE:  If you do not know which email address your Exostar account is associated with, contact the Novo Nordisk Help Desk

Step 3.  Select the Forgot Password? link.

Step 4.  Select the Recovery Method and click Next.

Step 5.  After entering the required information, according to the selected recovery method, enter your new password twice, and click Next.

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