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Notification MAG Lite

Limited functionality due to system maintenance. Application login is unaffected during this time.

Exostar's MAG Platform is currently experiencing a planned or unplanned event which reduces system functionality. During this time login and access to your active application subscriptions is available. Exostar Customer Support and Technical Operations teams are aware of this condition and are working to resolve the event as quickly as possible.

During this window of reduced functionality, the following functions are supported:

  • Accessing active application(s)
  • Display of application specific announcements
  • Enforcement of applicable credential strength minimum requirements

The following functions are NOT supported:

  • First Time Login
  • Forgot User ID
  • Forgot Password
  • Reset of an expired password
  • Updates to a user's profile when using a 3rd party digital certificate (e.g., DoD CAC)
  • Dashboard reporting, found on the Exostar IAM Platform (MAG) Home tab
  • Organization and User registration
  • Any tabs other than Home (this includes no access to TPM)
  • Capabilities to request access, view administrators or accept terms and conditions from the MAG applications dashboard

The following login options are supported:

  • Using a valid User ID/Password to authenticate
  • Using a valid digital certificate (including 3rd party certificates) to authenticate
  • Using an EAG account to authenticate
  • Using a valid OTP HW Token to authenticate
  • Using a valid Phone OTP Token to authenticate

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