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Northrop Grumman


In aerospace and defense, the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is an increasing concern.  Companies like Northrop Grumman have done much to combat the APT concern and continue to face these challenges head-on.  For Northrop Grumman, the supply chain has become a target for this threat which now requires remediation. 

Hardware-Based Digital Certificate 
The best way for Northrop Grumman to mitigate APT threats within the supply chain is to require each supplier obtain a hardware-based digital certificate.  A digital certificate is an electronic file used to uniquely identify a user prior to accessing online applications – typically used in conjunction with a username and password.  Hardware-based digital certificates consist of your unique digital certificate (electronic file) and small hardware storage device (much like a thumb drive).  Northrop Grumman has chosen Exostar as the provider of the hardware-based digital certificates.

Buying a digital certificate from Exostar brings unique benefits: 

  • Exostar’s digital certificates are accepted across the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry
  • You may be asked by other A&D companies to have a digital certificate.  Exostar’s digital certificates may be used to access multiple products and services offered by Exostar, various partners and service providers
  • Exostar is currently facilitating transactions for over 70,000 organizations.  It’s likely that you or some part of your organization is already engaged with Exostar, thus reducing the time and effort to complete the credentialing process.

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