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Manage Suppliers List

You might have several reasons for needing to re-submit your DFARS 252.204-7012 COMPLIANCE ASSERTION form in order to accurately maintain the list of suppliers with whom you share or generate CUI, if any, on the contract to which the form pertains.  These include:

  • Adding a new supplier organization to the form with whom you currently share or generate CUI,
  • Removing a supplier organization whose organization details, such as address or contact person, are incorrect or outdated on the form, and then adding the organization with the correct details, or
  • Re-submitting the form again to re-invite one of your supplier organizations whose initial invitations to onboard, in order to complete their own DFARS 252.204-7012 Compliance Assertion form, expired.

If you add a new supplier organization to the list, or include an organization whose previous invitation to onboard already expired, the supplier receives new email notifications with instructions to onboard and complete their own DFARS 252.204-7012 COMPLIANCE ASSERTION form, as one of your suppliers. 

To manage and/or update your list of suppliers with whom you share or generate CUI:

Step 1.  Open the application for completing your contact form, and ensure your current view is set to Supplier.

Step 2.  Locate your DFARS 252.204-7012 COMPLIANCE ASSERTION form for the contract, in the Contract Forms tab in the Forms Summary widget. 

Step 3.  Click the Edit icon for the form to open in edit-mode.

NOTE: The form must be assigned to you, and not locked for edit, in order for you to edit the form. 

Step 4.  Navigate to the form question that contains the list of suppliers with whom you share or generate CUI. 

NOTE: You can also click the hyperlinked Form sections icon in the right-hand corner, to view and navigate directly to any question in the form. 

Step 5.  For existing suppliers in the list, verify the supplier’s information, to ensure the organization and contact information for your supplier are correct.

NOTE: You can edit contact details via the Edit button for the supplier, as well as delete the supplier via the Delete button for the supplier if you do not share CUI with the supplier, or the organization details for this supplier are incorrect and you wish to re-add this supplier with the correct details. 

Step 6.  For new suppliers you wish to add to the list, use the Manually Add or Search & Add options. Complete all details for the organization as required.

NOTE: For detailed instructions on adding suppliers to your list, please see the Form Completion page.

Step 7.  Submit the form via the Submit Response button on the last page, once you verify and/or modify the supplier information.

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