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Ministry of Defence is focused on increased protections against evolving cyber threats.  To address security risks, Ministry of Defence and Exostar have partnered to implement a 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) login process in the near future. 

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) mitigates the risk of cyber-attacks by validating the identities of users accessing the SCP-MOD application with a second authentication method.  SCP-MOD users will be required to activate a Phone-Based 'One-Time Password (OTP)' authentication credential on a landline or mobile phone.  The OTP credential will be used in combination with the User ID and Password each time the user logs in to access the SCP-MOD application. 

The OTP purchase and activation process is managed through Exostar's Identity Access Management Platform (aka MAG).  SCP-MOD users will need to purchase and activate a Level 2 Phone-Based OTP credential (which does not require identity proofing to activate).

Please refer to the support guides below for instructions on how to obtain your Phone-Based OTP Credential.  (Note:  Exostar users who have already purchase equivalent security credentials do not need to complete the phone-based OTP process.) 

Ministry of Defence greatly appreciates the cooperation of our valued supplier partners in making security a priority.

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View the Phone-Based OTP Level 2 User Guide for detailed information

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