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MAG Service Provider Administrators


This role is only available to organizations that share their applications with partners using Managed Access Gateway (MAG). Service Provider Administrators can do all of the following:

    • Modify approval settings
    • Approve or deny application requests
    • Suspend or unsuspend access to applications
    • View organizations and users
    • Manage email subscriptions 

    • Resend provisioning records

Scroll to the sections below for the step-by-step instructions on how to perform these tasks. To view the Service Provider Administrator guide, click here

Modify Approval Settings

Approval Settings allows you to add organizations for automatic approval for application requests. When organizations are added, all users who request access to your application do not require SP Administrator approval. To modify approval settings:

Step 1.  Enter the organization’s Exostar Organization ID in the Enter Org ID field and select the application you are adding for approval. 

Step 2.  Click Add Organization to complete. To remove from approval list, click Remove. Once removed, application requests require SP Administrator approval.

Approve or Deny Application Requests

To approve or deny application requests:

Step 1.  Log into your MAG account and click the Provider Administration tab.

Step 2.  To approve or deny individually, click the hyperlinked request ID from the Approve sub-tab. 

Step 3.  Review the request. Click Next

Step 4.  If approving, you must answer YES to both questions. From the Action menu, select Approve. If denying, answer No to the questions. From the Action menu, select Deny. The sponsor code field is optional. Click Next

Step 5.  To approve or deny in multiples, select all users you are approving or denying. You can select 30 requests at a time. 

Step 6.  From the Action menu, select Approve or Deny Selected Requests. Denial comments are required.  Sponsor code is optional. Click Apply

Step 7.  You receive an Approve Confirmation screen. Click Yes to complete approval. If denying, you must enter denial comments. Click Submit. Users receive an email with approval/denial status.

Suspend or Unsuspend Application Access

You can suspend access to your application for users or for an entire organization. Once suspended, users are unable to access the application. To suspend or unsuspend access:

Step 1.  To suspend or unsuspend application access for a user, click View Users. Click View Organizations to suspend or unsuspend application access for an organization. 

Step 2.  Enter search criteria. Use the search filter menu or select Exact Match to narrow results. Click Search

Step 3.  From results, click the hyperlinked Organization ID

Step 4.  To suspend user or organization access, scroll to Application Settings. Locate the application and click Suspend. You are required to enter a suspension reason. Click Activate to unsuspend.

View Organizations or Users

View Organizations and View Users allows you to search for users and organizations subscribed to your application. To view organizations or users:

Step 1.  From the Provider Administration tab, click View Users or View Organizations.

Step 2.  Enter search criteria then click Search.

Step 3.  Results display.  To view user details, click the hyperlinked User ID.  To view organization details, click the hyperlinked Organization ID.

NOTE:  If a user has registered multi-factor credential (such as a One Time Password product or FIS Digital Certificates), credential information displays in Certificates or One-Time Password Service sections.

Manage Email Subscriptions

Email Subscription Management provides the ability for Organization Administrators to disable certain email notifications such as profile updates, email updates, or user registration notifications. To manage email subscriptions:

Step 1.  Log into your MAG account. 

Step 2.  Click the Profile Menu (your name at the top, right corner) and select Email Settings.

Step 3.  Select email notifications you want to turn on or off.

Step 4.  Click Submit.

Resend Provisioning Records

To resend provisioning records:

Step 1.  Log into your MAG account.

Step 2.  Select the Provider Administration tab and click one of the following:

    • View Users: select a user and click the user ID.
    • View Organizations: select an organization and click the org ID.

Step 3.  Locate the Provisioning section. 

NOTE:  The Select an application drop down lists all applications the selected user/org is subscribed to and the SP Admin has the administration permissions for.

Step 4.  Select an application and click the Resend button to resend the record.

NOTE:  Resend only works if there was a change from the previous provisioning record to the new one and Force Resend resends the provisioning record to the selected service provider regardless of whether or not a change happened in the provisioning record.

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