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MAG Admin Resources

Access to Downloadable Guides

Click here to access and download our detailed PDF guides for all five roles.

Organization & Application Administrators

Organization and Application Administrators are two most common admin roles in MAG. Both roles can be performed by the same individual, or, for larger organizations, several individuals may be responsible for managing their team in MAG. The Org Admins are responsible for managing users, while App Admins handle access to applications. FIS Administrators is an additional role. This admin type is responsible for managing the organization's subscription to Federated Identity Service (FIS) certificates. For the overview of tasks performed by Organization and Application Administrators, click to review the infographic below.

Administrator Training

Exostar's Training Team offers bi-monthly Organization and Application Administrator training, live, via WebEx. Please see the MAG Webinars page for registration information and training event dates.

Additional Administrative Roles

Adoption Administrators:  This admin role is available only to partner organizations that use the Adoption Module to invite external companies to their applications secured behind MAG.

Organization Stewards:  This admin role is available only to individuals within organizations that belong to a stewardship (a group of companies closely affiliated within MAG).  This role allows a single user to exercise administrative control over groups of designated organizations.

Service Provider Administrators:  This admin role is available only to companies that host their applications in MAG.  SP Admins are tasked with approving, denying, or suspending access to their organization's applications.

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