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MAG Account Connections FAQs

What Accounts Are Eligible to Connect?

If you have several MAG accounts, you can connect them using the Account Connections feature available in MAG.  Accounts are connected in a “parent-child” hierarchy, and the child account must meet all of the below criteria to become eligible for connection:

    • First Name, Last Name, and Email Address must be the same in all accounts.
    • Child accounts cannot have any active credentials attached to them. 
    • Child accounts cannot have the notarized US Person Attestation attached to it.  Please contact Exostar Customer Support to remove this attestation from the account.

After your accounts are connected, you will be able to use credentials attached to the parent account to access the applications associated with the child account.

Steps to Connect Accounts

Step 1.  Login to your parent MAG Account -

Step 2.  Select the My Account tab, then select Connect Accounts sub-tab.

Step 3.  Under the Connect Accounts section, accounts eligible for connection display.

Step 4.  Select the child account you want to connect, and enter the password for that account.  Click Connect Account.

Step 5.  The child account is now successfully connected to the parent account. 

Please note, after your accounts are connected, you are able to log into your parent account only. 

Steps to Disconnect Accounts

Step 1.  Login to your parent MAG Account -

Step 2.  Select the My Account tab, then select Connect Accounts sub-tab. 

Step 3.  Under the Connect Accounts section, locate the child account you want to disconnect. 

Step 4.  Click Disconnect.  You will receive a pop-up notification to verify you want to continue.  Click OK.

Step 5.  The child and parent accounts are now disconnected.  You will be able to login to both accounts separately, but you won't be able to use the credential of your parent account to access applications in your child account.

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