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MAG 6.14 Release Notes

Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) was upgraded to Version 6.14 on June 12, 2020. The following enhancements included in this version are below:

Removal of One Time Password (OTP) from Account Activation

New users will not be required to enter OTP during onboarding process. They can click on the activation link in email, create password and answer security questions to complete account activation. All FTL emails will be impacted with this change.

The following screens are also impacted:

    • New users added by Org Admins/Org Stewards
    • New users added by Adoption Administrators
    • New users added by EPA/EPA Lite roles(internal Exostar roles)
    • New users added via User upload process
    • New users added via Bulk load tool (internal Exostar)
    • New organizations registering via self registration process
    • New users registering via self registration process.
    • New users resetting FTL information
    • If 3rd party users certs are unlinked
    • RIDP users when EAG creds are delinked
    • Adoption Admin invitation for US person proofing
    • Sponsored On-boarding emails

New User Password Set-up

New users are no longer required to enter captcha code and One Time Password. User can click on the activation link in the email and set permanent password. Invisible captcha displays on the bottom right corner of the page.

Account Activation Email Reminders

Today new users receive reminder notifications to complete FTL on 30th,15th and 3rd day before the 180 day expiration period. These emails will be retired.

Instead users will now receive email reminders to complete FTL on 14th, 28th, 42nd and 14 days before the 180 day expiration period. Every reminder email has a new activation link.
When a user receives a new reminder email, the link in the old email expires.

If a user clicks on expired activation link from activation (FTL) email, user is prompted to enter their email address. After email address is validated, user is sent a new activation (FTL) link.

MAG Login Page

First Time Users? link on MAG login page changed to First Time Login?

When a user clicks the link, the system prompts the user to enter email address:

    • If the email address is correct, user receives a new activation link.
    • If the email address has multiple user accounts, the system prompts the user to reach out to Customer Support.
    • If the email address fails validation, an error message displays.

Password Instruction Change

All password instructions are updated to indicate passwords can be 64 characters long.

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