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MAG 6.10 Release Notes

MAG 6.10 Release - November 2018

We successfully updated Exostar’s Managed Access Gateway (MAG) to Version 6.10 on November 17, 2018. Updates and enhancements include the following:

  • Adoption Module UI changes- Invitation information section was updated with all available credentials. Adoption Admins can now select following credentials during invitation process: Phone OTP, Hardware OTP, Exostar Mobile ID, International Phone OTP and Proofing Required.
  • Last MAG access Date: User search results will now display additional column “Last MAG Access Date”. This information can be viewed by Organization Admins, Organization Stewards, Application admins, SP Admin, SP Admin read only roles and Adoption Administrators.
  • Provider Administration- SP Admin roles will now be able to view credentials information of users before approving the application access requests.
  • Sponsored Onboarding- Organizations interested in participating in Exostar’s Sponsored Onboarding Model can pre-pay for the user credentials. Adoption Admins belonging to such organizations may sponsor user credentials during invitation process. Users invited via this model may skip purchasing and can directly register credentials.

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