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Lockheed Martin Procure to Pay (LMP2P) Supplier Bid Invitation Response

This page provides instructions on submitting a bid invitation response through the LMP2P external portal.

To submit a bid invitation response:

Step 1.  From the LMP2P External Portal, navigate to the RFx and Auctions tab.

Step 2.  Find the appropriate RFx.

NOTE: Click the Show Quick Criteria Maintenance button to search using additional criteria. 

Step 3.  Click the row selection button next to the RFx that requires a response.

Step 4.  Click the Display Event button to open the RFx in display mode.

NOTE: When the RFx is in display mode, you have the ability to communicate your participation in the bid response. This is not a required step in the process.

Step 5.  Click the Participate button if you plan to bid, but may not be ready to actually submit the bid response at this time.

NOTE: The Do Not Participate button means you do not plan on responding to the bid request. Tentative means you are unsure as to whether or not you will provide a response. The Lockheed Martin representative can view your response to these buttons.

Step 6.  Select the RFx you want to respond to, and click the Create Response button. 

NOTE: The RFx Information tab contains basic information regarding the RFx, including the payment terms, creation information and a Quote Valid To field. This field is used to enter the date unto which the quote is still valid.

Step 7.  Click the Items tab to input the price information.

Step 8.  Enter the price in the Price field. Make sure to check the Price Per field. It does default to ‘1’, but can be modified.

Step 9.  If there are service items on the RFx, expand the Outline Item Type line to see line details.

NOTE: You have additional options to select the type of pricing you want to provide. To access these options, select a line on the RFx and click the Details button.

Step 10.  On the Item Data tab, a number of fields are available to differentiate pricing terms:

  • Min Buy Qty: Input a quantity here that must be purchased of this line item.
  • Discrete/Point Pricing: Select this checkbox if the pricing you provide is specific to certain points along the pricing scale. For example, you have a specific price point for a quantity of 10 and a different price for a quantity of 15.
  • Linear Pricing: Select this checkbox if the pricing you provide is used to determine unit prices for quantities that fall between priced quantity points. For example, you provide a price for a quantity of items anywhere between 10 to 30 items and a separate price for a quantity of items anywhere between 31 to 49 items. 
  • Skip First Range: Selecting this checkbox tells Lockheed Martin to ignore the first range of pricing you provided. This would mean there is a MinBuy in effect for the item on the quote. 
  • Help Documentation: A URL is provided to this help document, RFx Response, that you can copy and paste into the browser.

Step 11.  At the top of the screen, there are three red errors to do with questions needing to be answered on the bid invitation response. To answer those questions, navigate to the RFx Information tab, and select the Questions link to display the questions.

Step 12.  Scroll to the right to view the Reply area. 

NOTE: Depending on the type of question, the type of reply may differ. For example, some questions require you select Yes/No radio buttons, some require a date response via calendar selection, etc.

Step 13.  Click on the Conditions tab to add or adjust any conditions. Click the Add Condition button to add a condition to a line item.

Step 14.  Optionally, add Scales to the Gross Price condition. Highlight that condition and click the Scales button.

Step 15.  As a result of the Valid To date defaulting to 12-31-9999, you receive a yellow warning message at the top of the RFx response. Modify the date on the Conditions tab, if known, but it is not necessary to successfully submit the RFx response.

Step 16.  When the information on RFx response is complete, click the Check button for the system to check the response for any errors.

Step 17.  If no errors exist, click the Submit button to submit the RFx response. 

NOTE: If you are not ready to submit at this time, click the Save button to save your work and come back to complete the response at a later time.

Step 18.  A confirmation message displays. Click the Close button to close the screen.

Step 19.  Back at the RFx list, click the Refresh button to get the latest results. If you want to view or make edits to the RFx response, click the appropriate number in the Response Number column.

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