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Lockheed Martin Procure to Pay (LMP2P) Overview


Take Action Reminder – New Representations & Certifications in Exostar Trading Partner Manager (TPM) and Partner Information Manager (PIM) 

Effective June 14, 2021 your Exostar TPM profile includes two new sections located on the Self-Certification page:

  1. Fiscal Year 2019 NDAA Section 889  FAR 52.204-25
  2. DFARS 252.204-7020 NIST SP800-171 Assessment Requirements

Your Organization Administrator is required to immediately review these sections and enter a response to ensure compliance and minimize disruption to future business. Please complete this as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. Please see the Annual Recertification page for step-by-step instructions.

LMP2P Help Desk

If you are having issues inside the LMP2P Application and you can log into your Exostar Account, please reach out to the LMP2P Help Desk directly at


Lockheed Martin’s Procure to Pay (LMP2P) portal represents an enterprise-wide implementation of the procure to pay systems suite which enables organizations to access Lockheed Martin's eBusiness functions through Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG). This includes access to the following:

    • Characteristics Accountability Verification (CAV): Used to determine and verify the critical and major characteristics that must be met to assure performance of the function of a major system or subsystem.
    • Field Quality Service Management System (FQSM): A secure, web-based system that provides suppliers, technical specialists and Lockheed Martin administration personnel with an application for requesting source inspection, scheduling and tracking activities.
    • LM eInvoicing (formerly DCI): Application used to provide fast and accurate invoice submission, view purchase orders, submit credit memos, view invoice status and view payment status. Application Administrators will be responsible for managing user access roles:
      • View Only Access – Does not require a two-factor authentication (2FA) credential. Allows user to view data only.
      • Full Access – Requires a two-factor authentication (2FA) credential. Allows user to create, edit and view invoices and view purchase orders.
    • Schedule Management Module (SMM): A secure, easy-to-use, web-based application enabling expeditors, suppliers, program offices, and buyers to provide periodic deliverable updates. Including the management of open Purchase Order (PO) lines and schedule agreement release lines with participating Lockheed Martin businesses.
    • Supplier Collaboration Hub (SCH): A portal interface for participating business areas where expeditors, suppliers, program offices and buyers can gain quick access to tools and information needed to manage and collaborate on Purchase Orders.
    • LM Fieldglass: This application is a cloud-based, subcontract labor invoicing system which offers Lockheed Martin businesses a solution for managing contingent labor and subcontracting resources. This tool replaces the Lockheed Martin Vendor Invoice Processor (VIP) system and is accessible through the portal or bookmark (requiring MAG login) for direct, secure access.

The Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG) allows Lockheed Martin employees to use their Lockheed Martin network login credentials to access Exostar and other third party applications such as NASA instead of being issued login credentials from Exostar.

Click the arrow below to read further about the overall process to access the Lockheed Martin Procure to Pay (LMP2P) service.


The chart below explains the overall LMP2P process. Please select the image to enlarge:

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