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Lockheed Martin Overview


Exostar provides the following applications, services and products to Lockheed Martin and their trading partners:

  • Trading Partner Manager (TPM) is used by Lockheed Martin and their customer partners (suppliers) to create detailed customer partner (supplier) profiles for access to Lockheed Martin's Procure to Pay portal.  

  • Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) is used to connect Lockheed Martin’s ProcurePay and Aero Portals to Exostar’s trading partner community. 

  • Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG) allows Lockheed Martin employees to use their Lockheed Martin network login credentials to access Exostar and other third party applications such as NASA instead of being issued login credentials from Exostar.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) allows users to gain access to Lockheed Martin applications using a credential such as One-Time Password or FIS Medium Level of Assurance Hardware Digital Certificates.  OTP products and FIS Digital Certificates are purchased from Exostar.    If you are doing business with multiple partner organizations and have a registered credential, you may not need to purchase additional credentials.  The credential type depends on what the partner organization is set for their application to accept.

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