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Leidos ForumPass Defense

Process Overview

In order to access ForumPass Defense, you must have an Exostar Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account, as well as a Phone-Based One Time Password (OTP) without Proofing credential.  Leidos sends an instructional email, prompting you to begin the process.  The instructions listed on this page proceed under the assumption you are a brand new MAG user:

Step 1.  Purchase ForumPass Seat License and MAG Credential

Step 2.  Complete First-Time Login and accept Terms and Conditions

Step 3.  Activate and register credential

Step 4.  Access MAG and ForumPass Defense

If you are an existing MAG user, the following two-factor authentication credentials are also acceptable:

Please see the ForumPass Defense Infographic for a one-page process overview. 

STEP 1. Complete Purchase

In order to collaborate with Leidos using Exostar's ForumPass Defense application, you must complete a ForumPass Seat License, as well as a Phone-Based One Time Password without Proofing credential.  YOU MUST RECEIVE THE INSTRUCTIONAL EMAIL FROM LEIDOS PRIOR TO COMPLETING A PURCHASE.

 Click here to view the steps.

Step 1.  Once you receive the instructional email from Leidos, navigate to Exostar's Web Store at

Step 2.  Click the Add to Cart button for the relevant Phone-Based One Time Password (OTP) without Proofing credential option.

NOTE:   You are redirected to your Shopping Cart.

Step 3.  Click the Continue Shopping button to go back to the purchase options.

Step 4.  Input your data into the fields provided under the ForumPass Seat License section, and click the Add to Cart button.

Step 5.  Review your cart and click the Proceed to Checkout button.

Step 6.  Select your Payment Method and enter all required information.  Click Continue.

Step 7.  Review your purchase information and click Place Order.

Once Exostar receives full payment, you receive a license key via email to activate your credential during the MAG onboarding process.  Exostar will then notify Leidos of your purchase. 

STEP 2. Set-up MAG Account

Once you successfully complete your ForumPass seat and credentialing purchase, Exostar notifies Leidos and creates your Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account.  You will receive an email prompting you to begin the account setup process.

 Click here to view the steps.

Step 1.  From the Account Activation email, click the Activate My Account button. 

Step 2.  Next complete the steps to create your password and setup your security questions.  Then click Next.

Step 3.  A confirmation screen will display, then click Go To Dashboard button to access your MAG account.

NOTE:   Your Organization Administrator must accept the terms and conditions for ForumPass Defense, before your company's users can access the application.

At this point, you can leave the onboarding process and activate your credentials at a later time, or you can proceed with setting up your Phone-Based OTP.

STEP 3. Activate and Register Credential

During account setup, you can proceed with activating and registering your Phone-Based OTP credential.

 Click here to view the steps.

Step 1.  Once you are logged into your MAG Account, from the My 2FA Credentials section, find the "Have a License Key?" and click the Enter it here link. 

Step 2.  Enter your license key and click Submit.

Step 3.  Review your information and select from the Country drop down.  Click Next.

Step 4.  Click Activate.

Step 5.  Select the radio button next to the desired option:  Text Capable or Voice Only.

Step 6.  Select from the Country dropdown menu, and input the desired phone number to which you want to receive your one time password.

Step 7.  Click the Register button to receive your OTP via voice or text, depending on your selection.  A verification field displays.

Step 8.  Input the one time password you received on your phone and click Continue to complete the process.

You can now login to your MAG account using the Phone OTP credential.

STEP 4. Access Application

Once you successfully activate and register your credential, you can now login to MAG and access the ForumPass Defense application.

 Click here to view the steps.

Step 1.  Login to MAG using your UserID and password -

Step 2.  Enter the phone number you want use to receive the OTP code.  Click Send to display a code field and to receive the code to your phone.

Step 3.  Enter the code in the OTP code field.  Click Submit to complete the login process.

NOTE:   Once you receive the code, it will be valid for the next two minutes.  If the code expires, click Resend Code.

Step 4.  Select the Launch button under the ForumPass Defense application to open it. 

For ForumPass Defense-specific process, please see the ForumPass Defense and Digital Rights Management page.

If you are not prompted to complete the OTP process, you can elevate your credential strength by:

Step 1.  In the My 2FA Credentials section towards the top under Credential Strength, click the Elevate button.

Step 2.  Enter the phone number to which you want to receive the code.  Click Send to receive the code.

Step 3.  Once you receive the code, enter it into the OTP Code field.  Click Submit.

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