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Certificate Related

Select from the links below for certificate-specific information and processes:

Basic Certificate Download: This link provides download steps for BLOA Identity and Secure Email certificates, and Exostar LDAP Proxy/Secure Email Set-up information.

Certificate Download Requirements: This link provides information on FIS system requirements, steps to add Exostar as a Trusted Site, system permissions, and steps to install ActiveX.

Enable Prompt for Certificate in Internet Explorer: This link provides step-by-step instructions on having Internet Explorer prompt you to logon with your certificates.

FIS Certificate Health: This links provides information on error messages you may receive in regards to your certificates.

Manage Certificates: This link provides instruction on viewing, revoking, disabling/removing, backing up, renewing, and reapplying for certificates, as well as  encryption key information.

Medium Certificate Download: This link provides instruction on downloading MLOA Software and Hardware certificates, as well as instructions on download certificates to a hardware token.

User Specific Information

Select from the links below for more user-specific information:

MLOA In-Person Proofing: This link provides information specifically on the in-person proofing process, including a list of required documentation.

Password Management: This link provides password-specific information and how to manage those passwords.


Please see the FIS Administrator Responsibilities page for step-by-step instructions on the following tasks:

  • Actioning FIS Requests
  • Requesting or Preparing Employment Verification Letters
  • Viewing Users' Certificates
  • Revoking Users' Certificates



Downloadable Guides

FIS Product Guide: Provides comprehensive instructions on all FIS-related processes.

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