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Designate Trusted Site

Step 1.  Using Internet Explorer (IE), add * as a trusted site.  From your IE browser, select Tools or the Gear Icon, then select Internet Options

Step 2.  Select the Security tab, then select Sites.  Enter * in the Add this website to the zone field then click Add.


Open a new browser or use an existing Favorites link.  You are taken directly to the Exostar MAG applications page or the application you access. 

NOTE:  If you are NOT logged into your corporate network, you may be prompted to login.  

Login if Persistent Cookie was Removed

If you clear your browser cookies and cache, the persistent cookie is removed and you are not taken directly to your corporate login page when accessing Exostar’s Managed Access Gateway (MAG).

Step 1.  The MAG login page displays.  Select Single Sign ON (EAG) under Advanced Login Options

Step 2.  Select your corporate Identity Provider from the drop-down menu.  Click Login

Step 3. You are directed to a login page where you are required enter your corporate credentials.  If you are unable to login and need your corporate password reset, contact your IT department or Internal Helpdesk. 

Step 4.  Login complete.  The persistent cookie is resaved to your computer.


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