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Get Started - UTC Identity Proofing Service

Before Getting Started

  • Review the entire process and all information received from UTC and Exostar before beginning the Identity Proofing process.
  • You MUST review the purchase email sent to you by Exostar.

  • Please DO NOT DELETE the purchase email sent by Exostar as it contains important information to help you complete the purchase and proofing appointment registration information.

  • Please ensure that Exostar has received correct legal information for you.

  • Please ensure you have all required documents, including your Employment Verification Letter, available before registering for your proofing appointment.

  • Identity Proofing is only completed within the United States and US Territories.

Step 1.  Submission & Review

A UTC Hiring Manager submits a proofing request in the UTC system which is received by Exostar.  Exostar issues an invitation via email to the contractor.

Contractors MUST verify the information contained in the email.  Additionally, the information received by Exostar MUST match the required documentation that will be presented during the proofing appointment.  If any of the information is incorrect, please work with your UTC contact

NOTE:  Contractors proceeding with incorrect information may incur additional fees.

Step 2.  Purchase

Purchase the UTC Identity Proofing service. Once a purchase is completed and full payment has been received, the contractor receives a license key via email.  If you have already been provided with a license key for identity proofing, you do not need to complete an additional purchase.

Step 3.  Activate

The license key is required to initiate the identity proofing process.  Before activating the license key, you MUST ensure that you have all required documents, including your Employment Verification Letter, available for your proofing appointment.  You MUST ensure that information in the required documentation is accurate prior to your appointment.

Step 4.  Schedule

After license key activation, the contractor is contacted by an Exostar designated notary within 2 business days from activation to schedule the identity proofing appointment.

Step 5.  Appointment

The Exostar designated Notary verifies the contractor's information.  If the contractor successfully completes the appointment, the notary securely sends the results to Exostar for communication to UTC.  Exostar DOES NOT PROVIDE proofing results.  Contractors MUST work with their UTC contact for results.

IMPORTANT!  Contractors are required to provide approved form of identification (original or certified copies) and employment verification letter (cannot be dated more than 45 days prior to appointment).  Exostar does not collect or request copies of the original document.

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