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Get Started - Supplier Portal

To access Supplier Portal, you must have an Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account. Please follow the steps below in order to gain Supplier Portal access:

Step 1.  Register with Exostar

As a Buyer, you must invite Suppliers to register for Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) to access Supplier Portal. For more information on competing an invitation, please see the Adoption Administrators page. 

As a Supplier, complete the registration invitation received via email. For more information on completing your account registration, please see the MAG Get Started page. 

Once registration is complete, the request is routed to Exostar for approval. This can take 24-48 business hours to process. After approval, users designated with Organization and Application Administrator roles receive their first time login email to setup their Exostar user account.

Step 2.  Credentialing

Access to Supplier Portal can be achieved using your username and password, however, to access other applications via Supplier Portal (PIM, VQM, ForumPass, etc.), you may require some type of 2-Factor Authentication. Please select from the links below to review credentialing information for applications that require additional authentication:

Step 3.  Access Supplier Portal

Once you complete your account registration, you can access Supplier Portal via the Home tab in your MAG user account, by selecting the Open Application link located next to Supplier Portal.

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