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Get Started - Secure Source-to-Pay


Secure Source-to-Pay is an invite only application.  A Buying organization needs to send an invitation to your organization before access is granted.

Invitation Completion and Account Creation

Once your organization completes the invitation, your company will have an Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account created. For existing Exostar organizations, Secure Source-to-Pay (SS2P) will be added to their MAG account. 

First Time Login

New users to the Exostar MAG Platform will need to complete their first time login.  For information on the First Time Login process, see the MAG Login Assistance 

Accept Terms and Conditions

The Exostar MAG  Platform Organization/Application administrator must accept terms and conditions to Secure Source-to-Pay (SS2P) before the application is activated. 

Access S2P

Once all of the steps above are complete, Secure Source-to-Pay will become active.

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