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Get Started - PIM

Process Overview

In order to access Exostar's Partner Information Manager (PIM) application, you must register you and your organization for a Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account, as well as obtain the proper credentials. At a minimum, PIM requires a Phone One Time Password (OTP) without Proofing credential. This page works under the assumption that you are new to Exostar's MAG platform. Please see the general process overview below, and select the from the links to review step-by-step instructions on that part of the process:

Step 1.  Register for MAG

Step 2.  Complete Account Setup

Step 3.  Complete Credential Process

Step 4.  Access PIM

Step 5.  Access PIM Forms

Click here to view the PIM job aid on how to get started and edit/submit forms. 

Step 1. Register for MAG

Exostar’s Managed Access Gateway (MAG) is a consolidated portal providing identity and access management as a cloud service for the Aerospace & Defense industries. The PIM application is available through MAG. Please select from the following drop-down options, depending on your current MAG and PIM access scenario:

First time Registering for MAG? Watch our short video to learn how to register for MAG. You can also view the steps by clicking the link below the video. 

 Click here to view registration instructions if your organization does NOT currently have a MAG account.

This scenario assumes your organization does not currently have a MAG account, and are therefore not subscribed to any applications.  Follow the steps below to complete registration:

Step 1.  Receive email invitation from Exostar and select Accept Invitation link.

Step 2.  Click Get Started to begin the Registration process.

Step 3.  Fill out the registration form and verify all information is correct.  Make sure to select the country your company in headquartered in. 

Step 4.  Then click Next

Step 5.  A confirmation screen will display once your registration has been submitted.

Step 6.  Once Exostar receives your registration request, it may take up to 24-48 hours for the approval process to complete. After the account is approved, you will receive an email to activate your account.

NOTE:  Whoever submits the registration request for your company will automatically be assigned the role of Organization Administrator.  As an Organization Administrator you are responsible for creating and managing users in your organization.  To learn more, click here

Have an existing MAG account, but are not subscribed to PIM Application. Follow the steps below. 

 Click here to view registration instructions if you currently have a MAG account, but are not subscribed to PIM.

This scenario assumes your organization has a MAG account, but is not currently subscribed to the PIM application.  In order to complete your PIM subscription:

Step 1.  Receive a confirmation email from Exostar's system, notifying you your organization was subscribed to the PIM application, as well as an email notifying you of the required credentialing. 

Step 2.  Obtain Phone One Time Password (OTP) without Proofing credentialing.

NOTE:   Please see the Credentialing page for more information.

Step 3.  Login to MAG with your Phone OTP.  From your MAG Dashboard scroll to Applications section, find the PIM application, then click Launch to open.

Have a MAG Account and are subscribed to PIM Application. Follow the steps below. 

 Click here to view registration instructions if you currently have a MAG account, and are currently subscribed to PIM.

This scenario assumes your organization has a MAG account, and is currently subscribed to PIM.  In order to get access your forms:

Step 1.  Login to your MAG account with your UserID and password, as well as your credentials -

Step 2.  Scroll to the Applications section, find the PIM product, click Launch button to open.

Step 2. Setup MAG account 

Once you successfully complete the MAG registration process and Exostar approves your request, you receive an account activation email prompting you to complete your login.  Once you receive the email with your MAG UserID, click the link to Activate My Account.  If you are an administrator, you are also prompted to accept the PIM Terms and Conditions during this process. Please remember no one is your organization can access the PIM application until terms and conditions are accepted.

Watch the video below to learn how to complete your account setup. You can also click the link below to view the steps. 

 Click here to view MAG account set-up instructions...

Step 1.  Once you receive your account activation email, click the Activate My Account.

NOTE:   If you are unable to access the link, go to  Click Create Your Account.           

Step 2.  Follow the prompts to create your password and setup security questions.

Step 3.  You will be directed to the MAG dashboard next.  Under “My Applications” you will see Exostar’s PIM application, click Agree to Terms.

Step 4.  Next review the terms and conditions, then check the “I have read and agree” box to accept terms and conditions.

Step 5.  You will receive a confirmation message.  Next click Go to Dashboard, to begin using the PIM application. 

Step 3. Complete Credentialing Process

Once you successfully accept the PIM Terms and Conditions, during the registration process, you are prompted to setup your credential.  PIM requires, at a minimum, a Phone OTP without Proofing credential.  Ensure you have your cell phone available for this part of the process.  The general process is as follows:


 Click here to view purchase instructions...

Step 1.  Login to your MAG Account -  You will need to purchase 2FA credentials, from your MAG Dashboard in the My 2FA Credentials blue toolbar, select the Get 2FA button. 

Step 2.  You will be redirected to the Purchase your Exostar Subscription page, select your Partner company from the drop-down list.

Step 3.  Next select your credential - Phone Based One Time Password (OTP) without proofing.  Follow the steps to complete your purchase. 

NOTE:   Ensure you select the correct product based on your location:  US Phone Service or Non-US Phone Service.

Step 4.  Next click Add to Cart.  Then select Checkout.

Step 5.  Review your order and click Proceed to Checkout.

Step 6.  Select payment method.  View or update billing address.  Scroll down and click Continue.

NOTE:   If you purchase with a credit card, you will receive the license key via email.  If you select the invoice option, you must submit payment to Exostar before you receive your license key. 

Step 7.  Click Place Order to receive an order number. 

NOTE:   It can take up to 24 hours to receive the license key if you purchased with a credit card.  Please check your junk, spam or email filters if you have not received the license key.  If you have not received the license key email after 24 hours, please contact Exostar Customer Support.


 Click here to view activate instructions...

Once you complete your credential purchase, and receive your license key, you must activate your credential in MAG.

Step 1.  Login to your MAG Account -

Step 2.  In the My 2FA Credentials section, find the "Have a License Key?" and click the Enter it here link. 

Step 3.  Enter your license key and click Submit.

Step 4.  Confirm your profile and select your country from the dropdown list.  Click Next.

Step 5.  Click the Activate button.

If you are coming back to the process, begin by logging into your MAG account. Navigate to the My Account tab → Manage OTP sub-tab → click Purchase or Register Credentials link.


 Click here to view registration instructions...

Once you activate your credential in MAG:

Step 1.  On the Register Your Phone page, select Text Capable or Voice Only.

NOTE:  This determines how you receive the one time password on your phone.

Step 2.  Select your Country and enter your Phone Number in the field provided.

Step 3.  Click Register to receive the one-time password to your mobile device.

Step 4.  Enter this number in the Verification field that displays on your computer screen. Click Continue.

Step 5.  Select I’m Done on the confirmation screen.

This ends the registration and access process.  Once you complete this section, you can now access the PIM solution. 

Step 4. Access PIM

Once you complete the registration and credentialing process, you can access the PIM solution.

 Click here to view access instructions...

Step 1.  Login to your MAG user account, with the required credential.

NOTE:   You can verify your credential strength in the My 2FA Credentials section. 

Step 2.  Locate Partner Information Manager (PIM) in the Applications section on your MAG Dashboard.

Step 3.  Select the Launch button to open the PIM solution.

Next Steps

Once you have successfully activated and completed your MAG account set up, please see the following information on PIM access and management: 

Step 5. Access PIM Forms 

In the PIM Application, as a Supplier you can access and complete forms to submit to your Buyer Partner.  The steps below navigate you to the forms page to begin filling out your form. 

 Click here to view access instructions...

Step 1.  Launch the PIM Application, from your MAG dashboard, click Launch. 

Step 2.  Navigate to the Forms Summary widget, then find the desired form under the Forms tab.

Step 3.  Find the form you wish to fill out, then click the hyperlinked form name.

Step 4.  Next click Assign User to assign editing rights to yourself.  Then click Add.

Step 5.  Since this is the first time someone has accessed the form, you will see a Start button.  Click Start to edit the form.

NOTE:   You may want to download a blank form first to view the questions with your team before you starting editing the form.

Click here to view the PIM job aid for how to get started and edit forms. 

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