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Get Started - Organizations

Process Overview

To register an organization for a SAM account, a representative within the company must complete the following steps:

Step 1.  Register Company in SAM

Step 2.  Get Approved by Exostar

Step 3.  Activate Account and Accept T & Cs

Step 4.  Add Users to SAM

The Point of Contact (POC) in your company will be responsible for registering your company in SAM (see Step 1). During registration, the POC will assign your company's Organization Administrator. This individual will be responsible for completing Steps 3 and 4.

Step 1.  Register Company in SAM 

To onboard SAM, first register your company in SAM. During registration, provide the organization details, and designate a single or multiple employees to serve as Organization Administrators (Org Admins) for the company. Org Admins will be responsible for adding and managing company users, approving user self-registrations, and maintaining the vendor profile information. An Org Admin can be designated as a Company Contact, or this role can be assigned to a different company employee. 

Please note that during registration you will be able to register your company only for publicly available applications. If you need to access applications available by invitation only, contact Exostar's Customer Support to have these applications added to your organizational account. 

Follow the steps below to register your company in SAM. 

 Click here to view the steps.

Step 1. Access the organization registration page at

Step 2. Fill out the required information (marked with the red asterisk) in the Organization Information section.

Step 3. Fill out the required information in the Organization Administrator section. The designated administrator will receive the activation and login instructions.

Step 4. Complete the Company Contact information, and click Next to continue. If the Organization Admin will also act as the Company Contact, select Same as Organization Administrator.

Step 5. Select the desired product from the list on the Products and Services page. Click Next.

Step 6. Designate an Application Administrator for each selected product or application. An Application Administrator can be the same person as the Organization Administrator. If you select the latter option, the user information will be pre-populated. Click Next to complete your registration.

Step 7. You will receive a Submission Confirmation page. Record the reference number for your registration request.

Step 2.  Get Approved by Exostar 

While Exostar is working on confirming and approving your company's organizational account, you will be receiving emails confirming your SAM registration status. Depending on your administrative role, you will receive all or some of the below emails:

  • Organization Registration – Submitted to Secure Access Manager: You will receive this email immediately after submitting your registration request, along with the reference number for your record.
  • Account Registration – Accepted in Secure Access Manager: The Organization Administrator will receive this email when the organization’s registration request is approved. This email will contain the important login information.
  • Secure Access Manager Point of Contact – Organization Registration Approved: The designated Point of Contact will receive this confirmation when the organization account is approved.

Step 3.  Activate SAM Account and Accept T & Cs 

To finalize the setup of the company in SAM, Org Admins will be invited via an email from Exostar to activate their accounts. Please note that Terms and Conditions for each application must be accepted first, before the company gains access to applications. Follow the steps below to activate your SAM account, and to accept Terms and Conditions.

 Click here to view the steps.

To activate a SAM account, complete these steps:

Step 1.  Click the Account Activation link provided in the email. You are redirected to SAM’s activation screen. Click Next.

Step 2.  Enter and confirm a new password, and click Next.

Step 3.  Select your four Security Questions and provide answers. Click Next.

Step 4.  Your account activation is complete. Review the confirmation screen, and click Next. You are now logged into your SAM account.

To accept Terms and Conditions, complete these steps:

Step 1. Login to the Exostar SAM Platform at

Step 2. Navigate to the Home page. The View Service Agreement link will display next to the application(s). Click View Service Agreement.

Step 3. Review the Agreement, and then click I Agree to accept it. You will receive the confirmation message.

Step 4. Add Users to SAM 

After Terms & Conditions are accepted, the Org Admin can start adding company users to SAM. Company users can be added to SAM in three ways: 

  • Add New User: this action is available to the Org Admin under the Administration tab in SAM. Use this option to add user individually, on as-needed basis. 
  • User Upload: this action is available to the Org Admin under the Administration tab in SAM. Use this option to upload multiple users at the same time. 
  • Self-Registration: in this scenario, the users self-register for a SAM account first. The Org Admin then approves a self-registration request under the Registration Requests tab in SAM. 
  • SAM Inviter API: this action is available to the Inviter API role. Use this option to add users individually on the Inviter API to create user accounts.

Visit the SAM Organization Administrator page to learn how to start adding and managing company users in SAM.

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