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Get Started - OTP

Sponsored and Non-Sponsored OTP Credentials

If the Buyer is sponsoring your credential, you receive an email informing you about the sponsorship. Without sponsorship, you must purchase your own credential. Both sponsored and non-sponsored credentials have to be registered and activated.


Please select from the products below to redirect to Exostar's web store to complete your purchase.:

Exostar Mobile ID

Exostar Mobile ID (powered by Authy™) is a mobile app you can use as the second factor to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to access your applications. Once the Authy app is installed and registered, you can use your mobile device as your possession factor when authenticating to an Exostar system that requires MFA. Please see the Exostar Mobile ID page for step-by-step instructions on completing the Mobile ID process.

OTP Hardware

A One Time Password (OTP) Hardware Token generates a random single-use password on a physical token each time you log into Exostar's MAG Platform to access an application. The OTP Hardware Token is used in combination with your Exostar MAG user ID and password. Please see the OTP Hardware Token page for step-by-step instructions on completing the OPT Hardware process.

Phone OTP

Phone OTP allows you to register your mobile telephone or land-line telephone to receive one-time passwords via text or voice.  Phone OTP is used in combination with your Exostar MAG user ID and password. Please see the Phone OTP page for step-by-step instructions on completing the Phone-based OTP process.

Identity Proofing

Partner applications may require an OTP credential with identity proofing. Identity Proofing is the process of verifying your identity with Exostar, by either answering credit bureau-based questions, or undergoing a live video proofing with a proofing agent via webcam. Please see the Identity Proofing page for instructions on completing the proofing process.

IMPORTANT!  Before completing a purchase, ensure you are purchasing the correct OTP product with or without proofing.   During the purchase process, you are required to select the partner you are doing business with.  Acceptable credentials display for purchase.  If you are doing business with multiple partners, we recommend purchasing FIS Medium Level of Assurance Hardware Certificates.  If you are unsure of the credential requirement for the application, please contact Exostar Customer Support.


You must log into your Exostar MAG account to complete the registration of your OTP credential.  Please reference the Register OTP page for activation instructions.


Once your credential is activated, you can start accessing partner (buyer) applications.


OTP product subscriptions are valid for one year from the date of purchase and the renewal period lasts for 12 months. For step-by-step instructions, please see the Downloadable Guides page.

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