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Get Started - MAG

Step 1. Register with Exostar

As a partner supplier organization, complete the registration invitation received via email.  During the registration process, assign an Organization Administrator and Application Administrators to manage your organization's account. 

  • The Organization Administrator is responsible for creating and managing users in your organization.

  • The Application Administrator is responsible for approving access to a specific application.

Once registration is complete, the request is routed to Exostar for approval. This can take 24-48 business hours to process. After approval, users designated with these roles will receive their first time login email to setup their Exostar account.

Watch our 3-minute "How-To" Video to learn about the basics of registering your company for an account with Exostar.

For additional information about registering your company in MAG, review the Frequently Asked Questions, related to registration.  

Step 2. Complete First-Time Login

You receive an instructional account set-up email to access your new MAG account.  During First Time Login, secure your account by setting up the password and security questions.   

Step 3. Accept Terms and Conditions

In order for users in your company to access partner applications, the Organization Administrator or Application Administrator must accept Terms and Conditions for each application first. Please note Application Administrators can only accept Terms and Conditions for applications they administer.

Watch our 3-minute "How-To" Video to learn how to complete your First-Time Login into MAG and to accept Terms and Conditions for partner applications.

Step 4. Purchase and Activate Credential

Most applications behind MAG require a stronger security level than conventional username and password. Two-factor authentication (2FA) helps your partner ensure you are the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password. If your partner application requires Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and your credentials are not sponsored by your buyer partner, you must purchase applicable credentials. Please note your partner might use the term One-Time Password (OTP) instead of 2FA. OTP is a type of 2FA.

If you are doing business with multiple partner organizations and have a registered credential, you may not need to purchase additional credentials. The credential type depends on what the partner set for their application to accept.  If you are unsure what credential to purchase, please contact Exostar Customer Support.  EAG or third-party credential (CAC, PIV, NGC One Badge) users are not required to complete a purchase and can bind existing credentials to a MAG user account.

Pick your credential type below if you are ready to activate your 2FA credential.

Watch our "How-To" Video to learn how to purchase and activate your credential, and to preview the identity proofing process.

For additional information, review the MAG Credentialing and MAG Credentialing FAQs page

Step 5. Access Applications

Login to your MAG account with your username, password, and activated credential (if required).  Applications your organization is subscribed to can be accessed from the Home tab of your MAG account.

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