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Get Started - ForumPass

Step 1.  Register with Exostar

In order to access ForumPass, you and your organization must register via Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG).  

  • Click here to complete your organization's registration.

Once your registration is complete, the request is routed to Exostar for approval. This can take up to 24-48 business hours to process. After approval, users designated with these roles will receive their first time login email to setup their Exostar  account.

Step 2.  Complete Account Activation

You will receive an account activation email to setup your new MAG account. Click Activate my Account link to begin setting up the password and security questions.  

Step 3. Accept Terms and Conditions

Once you register your organization account and user account, a ForumPass Application Administrator for your organization must accept the ForumPass Terms and Conditions in MAG. For more information about Administrator responsibilities, please see the MAG Admin Resources page.

Step 4. Credentialing

Depending on the ForumPass profile-type, you may be required to obtain some form of two-factor authentication. Please see the profile types below and their required credentials:

  • Core Profile requires User ID/email and Password
  • Sensitive Profile requires User ID/email, Password, and Basic Level of Assurance (BLOA) certificate
  • Restricted Profile requires User ID/email, Password, Medium Level of Assurance (MLOA) certificate, and the TLS 1.0 and restricted attributes enabled in the browser
  • Protected Profile requires the same as Restricted, but the Medium Level of Assurance certificate includes a hardware token

For more information about the obtaining Federated Identity Service (FIS) BLOA or MLOA certification, please see the FIS page.

Step 5. Access ForumPass

Once you are successfully registered in MAG and credentialed (if required), login to your MAG account and select Launch under ForumPass application (US or UK). 

Export Control and Usage Notice

The first time you log into ForumPass, the system displays the ForumPass Export Control and Usage Notice. All users must read the agreement and acknowledge the notice before accessing the ForumPass environment.

The agreement offers two options with the following actions:

  • If you select I have read the ForumPass Export & Usage Notice, understand and acknowledge its requirements, you are directed to the ForumPass application
  • If you select I did not read/understand the ForumPass Export & Usage Notice, you are denied access and are presented with additional instruction. The Usage Notice continues to display each time you log into ForumPass until you choose to acknowledge it.

Next Steps

Once you have successfully activated and completed your ForumPass account set up, please view the General Navigation page to learn more about user access, settings and other features. 

To learn more about how to use ForumPass, we offer monthly live webinar trainings. To see a list of upcoming training dates, please click here

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