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Get Started - ForumPass

To access ForumPass, you must have an Exostar’s Managed Access Gateway (MAG) account. For more information, please visit the Get Started with Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) page.

Administrator Tasks

The designated application administrator for an organization is required to accept the Exostar's MAG ForumPass invitation and complete the registration process. Exostar processes the registration and all users receive their log-in credentials via email. The ForumPass Application Administrator is required to review the Exostar Terms and Conditions and accept the ForumPass Service Agreement, before any user can access the ForumPass application. For more information on Application Administrative tasks, please go see the Application and FIS Administrators page. 

Project/Site Owner Tasks

The Project/Site Owner must invite each user to the project site. Until this action is complete, users cannot see the project site listed under their Workspaces in the ForumPass application. Each user receives an email from the site owner once permission is granted to the project site. The Project/Site Owner can manage user's permissions directly in the ForumPass solution.

End User Tasks

Each user receives a user ID, one-time password, and system-generated password to establish their account by completing the First-Time Login process. Upon successfully accessing ForumPass, each user is required to accept the Export Control Notice to access the ForumPass environment.

Depending on the security level of the project site, you may be required to install a digital certificate. Your project invitation indicates whether or not you will access a Core or Sensitive project site. Work with your IT staff to obtain administrative rights to install the required ActiveX Controls. 

Export Control and Usage Notice

The first time you log into ForumPass, the system displays the ForumPass Export Control and Usage Notice. All users must read the agreement and acknowledge the notice before accessing the ForumPass environment.

The agreement offers two options with the following actions:

  • If you select I have read the ForumPass Export & Usage Notice, understand and acknowledge its requirements, you are directed to the ForumPass application
  • If you select I did not read/understand the ForumPass Export & Usage Notice, you are denied access and are presented with additional instruction. The Usage Notice continues to display each time you log into ForumPass until you choose to acknowledge it.

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