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Get Started - DOD

You must have an Exostar's Managed Access Gateway account to access partner applications secured behind MAG. Please follow the steps below to set-up your application access:

Step 1. Register

Complete Exostar's organization registration process. During the registration process, assign an Organization Administrator and Application Administrators to manage your company's account. The Organization Administrator is responsible for creating and managing users in your company. The Application Administrator is responsible for approving access to applications. 

Once you submit your registration request, it can take up to 48 hours for Exostar to approve. After approval, users designated as Administrators receive their first time login email, inviting them to complete their Exostar registration.

Step 2. Complete First-Time Login

After you register and Exostar approves your access, you receive an email with your login credentials and instructions on how to complete first-time login.

Step 3. Obtain Credentials

If you require Medium Level of Assurance Hardware certificates, please see the Federated Identity Service (FIS) page for more information on completing the credentialing process.

Step 4.  Accept Terms and Conditions

The user designated as the administrator for your company, usually the first person registered, must agree to any application terms and conditions before anyone can access the applications. 


Step 5. Access Application

Once you complete your account registration, set-up your credentials, and accept Terms and Conditions, select Open Application next to the desired applications on your MAG Home tab.

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