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Get Started - DCS

Digital certificates may be used to digitally sign content and to facilitate submission to regulatory agencies such as to the FDA’s Electronic Submission Gateway. In order to utilize DCS, you must have a Secure Access Manager (SAM) account and purchase a DCS Digital certificate.  Please follow the steps below to get started using DCS:

Step 1. Activate SAM Account

In order to utilize the DCS functionality, you must have a SAM account. This first phase of the process requires you to receive an invitation to access SAM. Please follow the steps below to activate your SAM account:

Step 1.  Click the Account Activation link provided in the email. If you do not have the email, go to and enter your email address in order to have it resent.

Step 2.  Enter a password. Reenter to confirm. Click Submit.

Step 3.  Select your four Security Questions and provide answers. Click Submit.

Step 4.  Your account activation is complete. You are automatically logged in to the SAM portal landing page.

NOTE: Terms and Conditions may be presented the first time you access an application.

Step 2. Complete Credentialing

To complete DCS credentialing process:

Step 1.  Purchase DCS via Exostar's webstore.

Step 2.  Register for DCS via SAM user account.

Step 3.  Complete Experian proofing process.

Step 4.  Register phone.

Step 5.  Elevate credential.

Step 6.  Access application.

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