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Get Started - Boeing 787 SCMP

In order to access Boeing 787 SCMP:

Step 1.  Login to Exostar's Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform (formerly known as MAG) using a new User ID and Password. 

NOTE: The new login credentials are emailed to you when you are registered by Boeing.  Complete the first time login process for Exostar's IAM Platform.  Instructions on how to complete this process are available here

Step 2. Once you log into Exostar's IAM Platform, select to Open Application for 787 SCMP.  This redirects you to the 787 SCMP application in a separate window on your computer. 

EXISTING Exostar IAM Platform (formerly MAG) ACCOUNT? 

If you already have a Exostar's Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform (formerly known as MAG) user account, you still receive a new (or existing) User ID and Password to use for 787 SCMP access.  However, you can link two or more IAM accounts together as one parent account and one or more child accounts. After they are linked, log in using the credentials for the parent account and then select to access any of the linked accounts. After you select to access one IAM account, you can open any of the applications associated with that account. 

Please see Account Connections for additional information about account linking, 

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