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General Navigation - PIM

This page explains navigation and processes common to both Buyers and Suppliers using the PIM Application. For access information, please visit the PIM Get Started page.

Welcome Page

The first time you access the PIM application, a Welcome dialogue box displays.

To manage the dialogue box:

Step 1.  Click Get Started to view the following information:

  • Quick Info tab: Provides general information on getting started with PIM.
  • FAQ-PIM Forms tab: Contains content about accessing, editing, and submitting PIM forms that are NOT contract forms.
  • FAQ-MDA Pilot: Contains content for accessing, submitting and viewing contract forms mainly, especially in regards to the MDA pilot. Only Suppliers and Buyers related to a contract in the system can view this tab.

Step 2.  Optionally, on the main Welcome screen, un-check the box next to Display next time or click Close to remove the dialogue box from view.

Step 3.  To review the Get Started information after you clear the Welcome screen from view, select Getting Started from the Resources widget on the Home dashboard.

Account Management

To update your account information in PIM:

Step 1.  On your Home dashboard in the upper right corner, select your name drop-down. Choose either Contact Information or Account Settings.

NOTE: Both options redirect to your User Profile, and you can navigate between the two tabs.

Step 2.  To update your Contact Information, click Edit.

Step 3.  Click Update once you complete your changes.

Under the Settings tab:

Step 1.  Modify necessary information:

  • Update the Date/Time Format.
  • Change your default view under the Application section.
  • Manage Alert settings.
  • Manage Email settings.

Step 2.  Click Save Changes.


This section provides step-by-step processes for basic PIM navigation: 

  • How to logout
  • How to use portlet and table filters

Logout of PIM

To logout of the PIM application:

Step 1.  On your Home dashboard in the upper right corner, select your name dropdown. Choose Logout.

Step 2.  On the Logout confirmation screen, click Yes.

Step 3.  Once you logout of PIM, you are still logged into MAG. Click Close to close the currently opened tab.

Step 4.  Click Yes to proceed with closing the tab.

IMPORTANT: You must save all your work in PIM before logging out.

Using Portlet and Table Filters

To use filters on all tables throughout the PIM application:

Step 1.  From your dashboard, select the filter option on the top of each column header.

Step 2.  The system displays a list of filter options provided by the application for that specific frame. Select the criteria to filter by, to view the filter options within your selection.


    • Once you select the option to filter, the frame refreshes to show only those items which match your filter.
    • Once the frame is refreshed, select the filter option again and choose another filter option to further refine your results.
    • Tables within PIM also display an image of a filter next to all filterable columns.
    • Selecting the filter option next to each column in a table causes the system to display a drop-drown menu where you can select the parameters to filter.
    • PIM allows you to type a value to filter with. Filter by multiple columns in each table to further refine your results. As you continue to select filters for each column, the results in the table continue to be refined.  
    • Filters are NOT case sensitive.

Contains{NOTE: this is a useful parameter to search for names.} Enter values to include in your desired search. Enter just one letter or an entire phase. The system returns all results with the specified values anywhere in them.
Does Not Contain Enter values that should not be part of the returned results. If the entered values are found anywhere in the filter criteria, those results will not display.
 Ends withEnter one or more values by which your filter results should end. If you enter "X" number of characters, the system looks at that number of the ending characters to show results.
Is equal toEnter Values exactly as they display in the application, hence if any spelling mistakes are made, the system will not recognize them. If the system does not find anything that matches the exact values entered, it returns an empty list.
Is not equal to

Type in the value you do not want to see as part of your filtered results.

Values must be entered exactly as they would display in the application, hence if any spelling mistakes are made, the system will not recognize those. If the system does not find anything that matches the exact values entered, it returns the entire list without leaving anything out.

Is not null Selecting this option displays all results where the selected criteria have a value, regardless of what the value is.
Is null Selecting this option displays all results where no values are provided for the selected criteria.
Starts with Enter any values you want your search results to start with. In this option, enter as many characters from just the first letter of your search to the entire search value. The system returns all results starting with the entered values. If nothing matches your entered values, the system returns an empty list. 

Role Management

Both Buyers and Suppliers can update their dashboard view, and if you are designated as an Application Administrator directly in PIM, you have the ability to manage users directly in PIM. Please see the sections below for additional information. 

Change Dashboard View

Buyer and Supplier organizations can both use PIM. Upon first-time login to the PIM application, the Supplier view defaults. This is the default view for subsequent logins.

To modify your view:

Step 1.  Click Modify in the top section of your screen.

Step 2.  Under the Account Settings  tab, select Buyer from the Default View drop-down.

NOTE: If you are not subscribed to PIM as a Buyer, no content is available in the Buyer view.

Step 3.  Click Save Changes to refresh your view.

Manage Users

If you are designated as an Application Administrator within the PIM application, you are able to manage users within the application. The Application Administrator can change a user’s role and deactivate a user’s access.

To edit a user:

Step 1.  Click Users via the My Organization widget to redirect to the Users tab on your My Organization Profile page.

Step 2.  Click the Tools icon next to the user you want to manage.

Step 3.  From the User Management window, modify a user’s role, including your own, if necessary.

Step 4.  Click Update to save your changes or Close to disregard.

NOTE: If you change a user’s role to Standard User, they lose administrative privileges within PIM. If you deselect the Active checkbox, the user no longer has access to PIM after they log into their Exostar’s IAM (MAG) Platform account.

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