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Functional Administrators

Download Completed Forms in Bulk and Upload to RShare

Completed Forms can be downloaded in bulk. Functional Administrators are responsible for bulk downloading completed forms from SecureForms and uploading them to the RShare site on a weekly basis. 

Step 1.  From the Dashboard, click the Form Requests tile under Activities.

Step 2.  Go to the Completed Forms tab. Using filter icon, filter by the previous seven days (Monday-Sunday).

Step 3.  Select the desired forms for the download by checking the box (maximum 20).

Step 4.  Once all applicable forms are selected, click Bulk Download on the bottom left of the screen. Forms are downloaded as a .zip file. The file name is defaulted to

Step 5.  Access the RShare at

Step 6.  Click Last Documents Loaded then select the current folder.

Step 7.  Open each zip folder. File names do not need to be changed and the entire contents of the zip file can be dragged and dropped to RShare. It is not possible to drag just the zip file to RShare.

NOTE:  Folders must not contain more than 4990 forms so new folders can be created (as needed). Folders should be named Folder 001, 002, etc; because of the search capabilities, it is not necessary to organize forms in folders by date completed.

Manage Users

Raytheon Technologies Administrators can manage all users in SecureForms. This role has the ability to modify roles of any users, both Suppliers and Raytheon Technologies across all organization records in SecureForms, along with the ability to deactivate accounts.

To modify user records, follow the instructions below.

Step 1.  From the Dashboard, click the Users & Roles tile under Administration.

Step 2.  The system defaults to the Manage Users tab. To search for an organization, enter the Organization Name in the Organization text box.

Step 3.  After entering the Organization Name, all users for the organization display in list view. Click the Tool Icon to modify.

Step 4.  The Role Management pop-up displays. Raytheon Technologies Administrators can make the following changes:

  • Update User Roles
  • Activate/Deactivate User Status

NOTE: If a user is deactivated in SecureForms, they are not deactivated in Exostar’s Managed Access Gateway (MAG). To remove a user from MAG, contact the organization’s MAG Organization Administrator. If users are no longer with the company, their accounts should be removed from MAG which removes them from SecureForms. 

Modify Email Templates

To modify email templates, follow the instructions below.

Step 1.  From the Dashboard, click Email Template under Administration.

Step 2.  Click the Edit Icon on the right side of the screen next to the email title.  At the top of the template, the following information displays:

  • Email Name
  • Current Version Number
  • Last Updated Date

Step 3.  On the left side of the screen, there are several pre-selected fields that can be dragged into the body of the HTML Editor.             

Step 4.  Once desired changes are made to the email template, click Save

  NOTE: Every time a Raytheon Technologies Administrator edits and saves an email template, the template is incremented to the next version. For example, upon saving edits to version 1 of a template, the system increments the version to version 2, and so forth.

Manage Banner Messages

Depending on system permissions, Raytheon Technologies Administrators have the ability to modify banner messages.  Banner Messages contain information that needs to be communicated to the suppliers.

Follow the steps below to modify banner messages.

Step 1.  From the Dashboard, click the Banner tile under Administration.

Step 2.  To edit an existing banner, click the Edit Icon next to the banner end date. To add a new banner, click the + Add Banner button on the top right side of the screen.

Step 3.  The Manage Banner pop-up screen displays.  Make necessary edits to the Title, Description, Start Date, End Date and Active Dropdown and click Save.

Step 4.  The banner displays at the top of the Suppliers’ pages.

NOTE:  If necessary, click View More to display the full text when it extends beyond the boundary of the page.

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