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Full Mesh Migration

Exostar is growing and we are adding more resources to our infrastructure. To support this growth we will be adding new IP blocks and networks to our infrastructure. The addition of these IP blocks will require your organization to update their inbound/outbound whitelists and/or application configurations.

During the months of December 2020, January and February 2021, Exostar will be changing the IP Addresses that are used for our public facing Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN).

The Current IP segments will be transitioned to the New IP segments:

CURRENT IP SegmentsNEW IP Segments

These changes will be implemented by updating the Domain Naming Service (DNS) entries. 

During the migration and updating of the application FQDNs, as with any DNS change, you may have to flush your DNS cache on the end-users computer so that proper DNS resolution can occur. 

What needs to be done by your organization:

Add the New IP Segments (, to your whitelists – do not remove the existing IPs or net blocks you have whitelisted for Exostar.

Migration Schedule

To view the Migration Schedule, please click the following link: Full Mesh External Schedule.

Full Mesh FAQs

Should I change my company's firewalls to allow the entire segment or a specific address?

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The nature of cloud services is that IP addresses may change. Exostar as been assigned dedicated IP ranges from which services may originate. To prevent any issues with IP addresses changing in the future your company should whitelist the entire range. The last octet (bit) of your IP address may not be the same as the current IP address's octet (bit) in the future.

Does this only affect the application or does this also affect the integration points that have been set up?

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Any application/integration point that uses the old IP address segments ( & will be given a new IP address in the new segments ( &

Will Non-PROD (production) environment be changed before these PROD environments?

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This project only is impacting the PROD (production) environments.  

What actions/activities should we be focused on when validating that the change has no adverse effects?  Are we expecting that we’ll need to do a complete application and integration regression test? 

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The functionality of the application is not being modified. Exostar is suggesting a smoke test and a flow of messages.

Does this IP address change have impact on API calls?

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If the API call is using one of the IPs in the Current segments, then this would impact the API calls. The API call user may have to restart the API service. If the API call uses DNS, then there should not be an issue.

Is it mandatory for every business user to clear the cache/flush DNS?

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It is not mandatory for every business user to clear the DNS cache. However, if the client DNS is handled properly once the Time-To-Live (TTL) expires, the record value should be refreshed with the new IP address. If that doesn’t occur users may have to flush (clear) cache.

For additional information, please contact your Product Owner, or you can contact the team directly by sending an email to:

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