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Fujitsu Purchase Credentials

Fujitsu purchases Phone OTP without Proofing credentials on behalf of the customer. To complete the purchase process:

Step 1.  Complete the Required Information Spreadsheet (RIS) with customer information.

Step 2.  Fujitsu advises Exostar of new customer via email, by sending the completed RIS with company and user information.

Step 3.  Exostar acknowledges receipt of order via email.

Step 4.  Exostar reviews the spreadsheet for completeness, and contacts Fujitsu with any questions.

Step 5.  Fujitsu orders credentials from the Exostar web store, based on customer requirements, via prepaid voucher code issued by Exostar, with one license key per voucher.

Step 6.  Exostar deducts the dollar value of the number of seats ordered from pre-paid PO.

Step 7.  Fujitsu communicates license keys used to activate credentials to the new customer.

Step 8.  Exostar Sales creates a case in Exostar’s NetSuite system using the Sales Provisioning Case Form, and submits it to Exostar’s Onboarding team to initiate new customer registration process and creation of site URL.

Step 9.  Exostar Onboarding team issues registration invitation to new customer via email.

Step 10.  New Customer completes registration invitation and submits to Exostar.

Step 11.  Exostar Onboarding team reviews and approves new customer registration.

Step 12.  Exostar Onboarding notifies Fujitsu that the customer site is set up.

Step 13.  New Customer administrators and users receive registration emails, including first time login instructions.

Step 14.  New Customer administrators and users complete their user login process.

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