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Fujitsu ForumPass FAQs

For more technical FAQs directly in the ForumPass application, please see the ForumPass Support Site. The FAQs directly on ForumPass provide additional customization-specific information.

General Information

Where can I find ForumPass-specific support documentation?

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ForumPass 6 Support documentation can be found in the ForumPass Support Sites. FAQ’s, User Guides and How To's are available for your assistance by clicking on one of the options below, as well as the Guide table:

Why am I getting an ‘Access Restricted’ error message when attempting to access a FP site?

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You are currently not logged in with the required credentials for that specific site. In your MAG account, in the upper right corner, review the Credential Strength section to verify your login status.

How do I invite users from a different organization to access a project site?

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Please follow the steps below to invite users from other organization to access your project site:

Step 1.  Click the Settings gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the page, and select the Invite by Email option.

Step 2.  Enter the email address into the Invite Users email address field. 

NOTE: Add multiple email address by separating them with commas, semicolons or spaces if they are on the same line. An email address per line can be entered without the use of commas or semicolons. 

Step 3.  Click the Lookup button to check for existing users in the system. 

Step 4.  Once you add all desired email addresses, choose the user's permissions by adding them to a site group (which is already assigned a permission level). 

Step 5.  Once permissions are selected, check or uncheck the Send welcome e-mail to the new users, depending on your preference. 

NOTE: Use this option to send e-mail to your new users. You can personalize the message. Links and information about the site are added below your personal message.

Step 6.  Once all options are complete, click the OK button to invite the users.

NOTE: For additional FAQ’s and troubleshooting steps, please refer to the ForumPass User Guide on our Support Site. Click your name in the right hand corner within ForumPass, and select the Support Site option.         

How do I access 'My Support in ForumPass, for escalation purposes?

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If you are asked to provide information the your My Support page in ForumPass:

Step 1.  From the site in question, click on your name (located in the upper right corner in ForumPass).

Step 2.  Click the My Support link from the dropdown.

Step 3.  Once the page refreshes, please scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Copy Clipboard button.

Step 4.  Paste the contents into a Word Document or the email body and send it back to the Customer Support Representative.

I'm receiving an 'Access Denied' or “Let us know why you need access to this site” Error message, why?

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If you receive one of the above errors, please follow the steps below:

Step 1.  Type a message in the text box and click send request.

Step 2.  The Site Owner receives a request to approve your access to the project site.

Step 3.  Monitor emails for a notification that the site has been shared with you. If you receive a notification that a site has been shared with you, but you are still receiving the same error message, please confirm you are accessing the environment with the proper credentials.  Close all open browsers.

Step 4.  Login to MAG via

Step 5.  Navigate to the ForumPass 6 application, click Open Application to access your WorkSpaces page. Alternatively, you can access the project site directly from the email notification, after receiving the shared message.

NOTE: For additional FAQ’s and troubleshooting steps, please refer to the ForumPass User Guide or the Support Site directly in ForumPass. Click your name on the right hand corner within ForumPass and click the Support Site option.           

My Site

Are there any restrictions set on My Site?

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ForumPass 6 does not support My Sites for storage of any data. 

What is My Newsfeed?

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The My Newsfeed page provides information relevant to you.

What is My Workspaces?

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The My Workspaces is the landing page when you login to ForumPass. It is also accessible from the users' drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the page.  The My Workspaces page provides links to all of the sites and other workspaces a user created, or to which they have access. My Workspaces serves as a dashboard providing access to all of the user's work activities across all sites, such as projects, tasks, discussions, alerts checked out work, alerts and links. 


Are there any size limits for uploading and downloading documents?

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The system limits sizes for the following:

    • Large File Upload: 500MB per file
    • Encrypted File Upload: 250MB per file

Are there any size limits for site sizes?

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The system limits the site sizes to the following:

    • Project Site Quota: There is no current limit. Sizes may be limited depending upon the organization's Site Collection Administrator. 

Are there any character limitations in naming documents, folders, or sites?

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The URL path for all files and folders must be 260 characters or less and no more than 128 characters for any single file or folder name in the URL.

Do not use these characters in your document, folder or site names: 
| # { } % & <TAB>” ~ + \ / : * ? ” < > 

Do not start or end with an underscore (_) or with the period character.

Reassign Seats & Overage

Can a ForumPass seat be reassigned if the current user leaves the organization or project?

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Yes, seats can be reassigned on a calendar month basis by the ForumPass Administrator. The old user should be deactivated prior to the end of the calendar month, and the new user should be activated after the first day of the next month.

NOTE: If a user is active at any time during a month, the seat will be counted as active for that month. It is important to follow the previous process to avoid being charged for additional seats at the end of the term. It is up to the ForumPass Administrator to closely manage their users.

What is the difference between seats and seat months?

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Seats are the number of user (individual) subscriptions purchased. These seats can be assigned or remain open during the term. Seat months are the number of seats x 12 months. Example: 10 seats x 12 months = 120 seat months.

What is seat overage and how is it calculated and charged?

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If an organization exceeds the number of seat months purchased (120 in the above this example), they will be charged in arrears for the number of seat months used in excess (overage). In the above example, if the organization uses 150 seat months because of users being added or changed out, then they will be invoiced for the difference. 120 -150 = 30 seat months of overage. 30 x $current seat cost = amount of overage. No refund is given for under usage.

If an organization activates more seats than purchased, they will be charged at the end of the period for the additional seat months used at the monthly range.

What should I do if my organization requires extra seats prior to the end of the term? 

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Reach out to your sales associate for guidance on this issue.

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