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Fujitsu First Time Login

First-Time Login Video

The following video walks through the first time login and the acceptance of terms and conditions processes. Below the video are helpful steps to complete the first time login process and solutions to common user issues during this process.

Accept Terms and Conditions

Accepting Terms and Conditions is an important step in establishing access of your organization to applications: only after you accept T&Cs on behalf of your organization, can users access applications. To accept Terms and Conditions:

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Step 1.  Log into your MAG account. In the Home tab, find applications that display Pending Acceptance of Terms and Conditions.

Step 2.  Click View Service Agreement.

Step 3.  Click I Agree.

NOTE: Once you receive the confirmation message, users within your organization can request access to the application.

Complete First Time Login

To complete the first-time login process:

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Step 1.  Click the Account Activation Link provided in the email you received from Exostar.

NOTE: The subject line of the email is Action Required: Exostar Account Activation Instructions and contains your MAG User ID. If you are unable to access the link, go to Click Establish Your Account.                  

Step 2.  Enter your Password, retype it, and click Next.

Step 3. Select four security questions, provide the answers, and click Next.

Step 4.  Login to your Exostar MAG account with your User ID and Password.

Return to First Time Login 

I completed First Time Login, but need to return to the credentialing process.  How can I do this?

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Log back in by accessing the registration link in the Login Success email or via your Exostar account. The Login Success email is received after completing first-time login. If you are unable to locate the email, follow the steps below:

Step 1.  Log into your MAG account at

Step 2.  Go to the My Account tab, and click the Manage OTP sub-tab.

Step 3.  Click Purchase or Register Credentials. You are redirected to the next step in the process.

Regular MAG Login

How do I log into my MAG account after the First Time Login? 

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Step 1. Go to Bookmark this link, to have it easily available for subsequent logins.

Step 2. In the login window, enter your User ID and Password, and click Login.    

Step 3.  From the Home tab, locate the desired application and click Open Application.

Application status may vary.

Error During Login

I received an error message during login. What should I do? 

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You may receive an error message during login if you have multiple MAG user accounts, and your browser has cached your information. Follow these steps to login:

Step 1.  Click the Me icon from the dashboard to ensure the account you are logged in with, matches the account listed under Me.                       

Step 2.  If a different user account displays under Me other than the one you are logged in with, clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

    • To clear Cookies and Cache from an Internet Explorer browser, click Tools or the Gear Icon. 
    • Click Internet Options
    • From Browsing History, click Delete
    • Check the box for Temporary Internet files and website files, Cookies and Website Data, History, Download History and Form Data
    • Click Delete, then click Apply and OK.  Close the browser and open a new browser window.

Step 3.  Return to the login process. 

Error 2035 (Wrong Certificate)

Why do I receive a wrong certificate error (Error 2035)?

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If you received this error, it means you tried to use an FIS certificate associated with a different MAG account. This may occur if you have multiple MAG accounts, and an FIS Digital Software Certificate is attached to one of them. 

To resolve, you can use Account Connections to leverage your current certificate for your new account. If your account does not qualify for account connections, a purchase may be required for new certificate(s). Purchases are completed from the Billing & Support Center of your MAG account. Additionally, you need to remove the certificates from your machine. To remove old certificates:

Step 1.  From Internet Explorer, go to Tools then Internet Options.

Step 2.  Click the Content tab and click Certificates.

Step 3.  Locate your FIS Digital Certificate Software and click Remove.

Step 4.  Follow the prompts to complete.

Step 5.  Close the browser and log into your MAG account with username and password.

Additional Tips

  • Do not refresh your browser during First Time Login or click the browser back button. This may end your session.
  • If you have digital certificates installed on your computer, you may be prompted to select the certificates during login. Click Cancel to continue your registration to MAG. 

 If you were able to log into MAG, but can't access an application, visit the MAG Application Access FAQs page to find your solution.

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