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ForumPass FAQs

For more technical FAQs directly in the ForumPass application, please see the ForumPass Support Site. The FAQs directly on ForumPass provide additional customization-specific information.

General Information

How do I register for a ForumPass seat?

Please refer to your project sponsor to obtain access to the invitation only ForumPass environment.  If you require a ForumPass seat that will be funded by your organization, please contact an Exostar salesperson for pricing.

How do I register for ForumPass training?

To register for online ForumPass training, please visit the ForumPass Webinars page. For more information on our training program and how we can customize training to meet your requirements, contact us via email at

Where can I find ForumPass 7 specific support documentation?

ForumPass 7 Support documentation can be found in the ForumPass Support Sites. FAQ’s, User Guides and How To's are available for your assistance by clicking on one of the options below, as well as the Guide table:

How do I get more information about ForumPass and see if it’s right for me and my organization?

For more information about using Exostar's ForumPass application for secure collaboration, please contact an Exostar salesperson.

Whenever I try to login to a restricted site, I receive an error message “page cannot be displayed”?

This message may display due to one of the following conditions:

    • Expired/Invalid VeriSign Certificates: If you currently have expired or invalid VeriSign certificates, you will not be able to access restricted sites. We are no longer supporting VeriSign Digital Certificates. Please ensure that you have a valid FIS digital certificate installed. Close the IE window and open a new instance. When prompted, select the Exostar FIS certificate and login to the application. If you do not have a valid Exostar FIS certificate, refer to the FIS User Subscription for MLOA Guide for information on requesting certificates.   
    • Expired Certificates/Invalid Certificates: If your FIS certificates have expired or are invalid, you will not be able to access the restricted sites. To access the restricted site, you will need to login to MAG and submit an FIS certificate request. For information on how to reapply for certificates, refer to the FIS Renewal/Re-apply Guide.   
    • The prompt certificate is off: You may have an appropriate certificate, but may not be set-up to prompt for certificates. Refer to the Enable Certificate Prompt for Internet Explorer guide for further instructions.   
    • Appropriate Certificate Level: Restricted sites require a MLOA digital certificate, if you have a BLOA you will not be able to access a Restricted site.  

ForumPass Defense customers: I'm getting a notice that my account will be suspended. What do I do? 

If you have received an email regarding your FP Defense account status being suspended due to inactivity, please click here for steps to resolve this issue. 

My Site

Are there any restrictions set on My Site?

ForumPass 7 does not support My Sites for storage of any data. 

What is My Newsfeed?

The My Newsfeed page provides information relevant to you.

What is My Workspaces?

The My Workspaces is the landing page when you login to ForumPass. It is also accessible from the users' drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the page.  The My Workspaces page provides links to all of the sites and other workspaces a user created, or to which they have access. My Workspaces serves as a dashboard providing access to all of the user's work activities across all sites, such as projects, tasks, discussions, alerts checked out work, alerts and links. 


Are there any size limits for uploading and downloading documents?

The system limits sizes for the following:

    • Large File Upload: 500MB per file
    • Encrypted File Upload: 250MB per file

Are there any size limits for site sizes?

The system limits the site sizes to the following:

    • Project Site Quota: There is no current limit. Sizes may be limited depending upon the organization's Site Collection Administrator. 

Are there any character limitations in naming documents, folders, or sites?

The URL path for all files and folders must be 260 characters or less and no more than 128 characters for any single file or folder name in the URL.

Do not use these characters in your document, folder or site names: 
| # { } % & <TAB>” ~ + \ / : * ? ” < > 

Do not start or end with an underscore (_) or with the period character.


Why can’t I log on through the website to host a meeting?

It is highly discouraged to attempt to begin a meeting through  It is best to login through Exostar's Managed Access Gateway (MAG) when attempting to access your WebEx Calendar to begin a WebEx meeting.

What are the methods I can use to create a new WebEx meeting?

Method 1:

Step 1.  Log into Exostar's Managed Access Gateway Platform and select Open Application next to the desired ForumPass solution (US or UK).

Step 2  Go to the Advanced WebEx calendar in which the meeting is to be set up. 

Step 2.  Click the Event tab from the ribbon and select New Event > WebEx Meeting.

Step 3.  Complete the relevant sections and click Save.

Method 2:

Step 1.  Click Your Name (top right hand corner) > My WebEx Personal Room.

Step 2.  Click My Meetings from the left hand menu.

Reassign Seats & Overage

Can a ForumPass seat be reassigned if the current user leaves the organization or project?

Yes, seats can be reassigned on a calendar month basis by the ForumPass Administrator. The old user should be deactivated prior to the end of the calendar month, and the new user should be activated after the first day of the next month.

NOTE: If a user is active at any time during a month, the seat will be counted as active for that month. It is important to follow the previous process to avoid being charged for additional seats at the end of the term. It is up to the ForumPass Administrator to closely manage their users.

What is the difference between seats and seat months?

Seats are the number of user (individual) subscriptions purchased. These seats can be assigned or remain open during the term. Seat months are the number of seats x 12 months. Example: 10 seats x 12 months = 120 seat months.

What is seat overage and how is it calculated and charged?

If an organization exceeds the number of seat months purchased (120 in the above this example), they will be charged in arrears for the number of seat months used in excess (overage). In the above example, if the organization uses 150 seat months because of users being added or changed out, then they will be invoiced for the difference. 120 -150 = 30 seat months of overage. 30 x $current seat cost = amount of overage. No refund is given for under usage.

If an organization activates more seats than purchased, they will be charged at the end of the period for the additional seat months used at the monthly range.

What should I do if my organization requires extra seats prior to the end of the term? 

Reach out to your sales associate for guidance on this issue.

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