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ForumPass 6.6 Release Notes

ForumPass 6.6 Overview - June 2018

ForumPass 6.6 is a minor release based on ForumPass 6.5.2. It contains product enhancements and some software maintenance.

Workspace Provisioning 

Workspace Provisioning for all users within ForumPass

This new feature allows Site Collection Administrators (SCA) and Site Owners to create new workspaces within their site collection. This provides a quicker way for the SCA and Site Owner to create a new workspace. In the current version, the SCA and Site Owner can create a workspace by selecting Site Contents, selecting the New Subsite button, and completing fields to create a new workspace. The new feature allows the SCAs and Site Owners to click a link from the Settings gear and complete a form to create the new workspace. The SCA can enable and configure this feature once.

Workspace Provisioning must be activated from the Site Collections Features page.

    • When ForumPass Workspace Provisioning is activated, ForumPass Site Provisioning Request List is automatically activated.

Only SCA’s and Site Collection Owners are able to view the hyperlink.

    • Once ForumPass Workspace Provisioning is activated, Create New Site link displays under the gear icon.

The SCA/Site Owner are navigated to the Workspace Provisioning form Page.

    • The user must complete all fields on the form to create the site.  
    • Once the user completes the site provisioning form, the new site is created.

An SCA has the ability to configure the site provisioning form from the Manage Workspace Provisioning link.

    • The link is located in the Site Collections Features list, Manage Workspace Provisioning.

SCA can select the fields they want displayed on the Workspace Provisioning Form.

    • The following fields are the DefaultSettings fields selected:
      • Description
      • User Permissions
      • Navigation Inheritance
      • Secondary Owner
      • Primary Owner
      • Additional Users
    • The following fields are always enabled and not configurable:
      • Name
      • Site Template
      • Site URL
    • The following fields are AdditionalOptions fields SCA can enable:
      • Approval required
      • Benefit Value
      • Business Area
      • Business Case
      • Collaboration Parties
      • Commerically Sensitive Data
      • Data Relocation
      • Export Controlled Data
      • Export Controlled Data – UK
      • Export Controlled Data – US
      • IP Data Classification
      • Members Create Sites
      • Personal Data
      • Potential File Size (All)
      • Potential File Size (Single)
      • Senior Management Sponsors
      • Site Tree View
      • Site Type
      • User locations – Countries
      • User Locations – Regions
    • When Approval Required is enabled, Site Approvers group is created to approve the new site requests.
      • SCA is part of that group
      • SCA can add more users to the group
      • Site Approvers have permission to edit “Site Provisioning Information List”
      • Site Provisioning Information list stores information provided on the workspace form. When approval is required, Site Approvers go to the list to approve the site.
      • Emails are sent out to the person who requests the site creation, the primary/secondary owners, and the members of the Site Approvers Group.
    • When Members Create Site is enabled, Approval required is automatically enabled.
    • When Business Area is enabled, a business area list is created.
      • Business Area list stores the Site Collection URLs and their corresponding titles.

After selecting Next, the user can change the order the fields display to the user completing the Workspace Provisioning form.

After selecting OK, the form updates with the configuration.

ForumPass Landing Page 

This update to the landing page for will help users locate all their sites and provide custom links to important internal sites for specific organizations. This change will be extremely helpful for users who have access to ForumPass across several organizations/site. 

In our current version, the ForumPass landing page provides links to different sites and information about ForumPass 6. The new version of the landing page will display all workspaces the users have permission to access, items that the users have checked out, tasks the users are assigned, and alerts assigned to the user. The buttons below the table will navigate the user to the particular pages displayed. As part of this update the old “My Workspaces” page will direct the users to the new landing page (which incorporates the “My Workspaces” page. 

NOTE: this update was completed for ForumPass Main UK and US environments. All other user will still see their usual landing page, however, will be redirected to the Main landing page for My Workspaces page.

Update to ‘Invite by Email’ page

The update to the Invite By Email Page allows users to differentiate between which user does not have access to ForumPass and which user is not subscribed to a particular ForumPass environment. 

In the new release, a pop-up box provides a link to the users to determine necessary steps to add a user to ForumPass and/or subscribe a user to a particular ForumPass environment.

Site Sensitivity Level

As part of the 6.6 Release the sensitivity level for each site was added to the top of the page. The sensitivity levels are Core, Sensitive, Sensitive OTP, Restricted and. This addition allows the user to know the sensitivity level of the site they are accessing.

ForumPass Maintenance


This release includes updates to RM Activity Report by displaying the IP address filter in the exported excel spreadsheet and refresh the page when the refresh button is selected on Internet Explorer. It also includes the enablement of “Download as Zip” button on the ‘Files’ ribbon menu that allows users to download selected files within a document library.

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